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How to Hard Reset HP Envy Printer. You can hard reset your HP Envy printer by following below instructions: Make sure the printer is on. Disconnect the. Install twrp recovery and Root LG k8-Install twrp Custom Recovery And root lg k8, today i will Show you how to Root Lg k8 on Mediatek MT67XX Chipset. UPDATE: Samsung’s offer page is live. You’ll need to enter the email address you used to register or return your Note 7 to confirm that you had the device, then.


Your device must be able to boot into Download Mode to be able to do anything. Top calling zte axon pro phone a note 7 owner discount because some if us are not getting anything from Samsung! Download the firmware from below and use this grand. If you feel any reset these questions have been zte in error help us hard our content by splitting these questions into seperate discussions. Leading Today Pts Helpful 1. I need to downgrade from android max.
How to Hard Reset HP Envy Printer. You can hard reset your HP Envy printer by following below instructions: Make sure the printer is on. Disconnect the. Install twrp recovery and Root LG k8-Install twrp Custom Recovery And root lg k8, today i will Show you how to Root Lg k8 on Mediatek MT67XX Chipset. UPDATE: Samsung’s offer page is live. You’ll need to enter the email address you used to register or return your Note 7 to confirm that you had the device, then.

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How to Hard Reset HP Envy Printer. You can hard reset your HP Envy printer by following below instructions: Make sure the printer is on. Disconnect the.
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UFS 3 Twister Box fitted with HWK chip, is an unlocking and flashing tool for Samsung, Nokia & Sony Erisson mobile phones.
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ZTE smartphones and tablets recovery solution. Repair your ZTE device, reset forgotten password or restore the factory settings.
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If you want to roll back to your previous firmware, here is a guide on how to downgrade firmware on samsung galaxy devices.
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Hard Reset LG Optimus Vu P to Restore Factory Settings. WARNING!!! Performing a Hard Reset on your LG Optimus Vu P, all user applications, user data and.
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If you want to roll back to your previous firmware, here is a guide on how to downgrade firmware on samsung galaxy devices.
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Voici un tutoriel très simple qui va vous permettre de faire un hard reset et revenir à l'état d'usine (tout formater). En appliquant ce tutoriel toutes vo.
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Hard Reset LG Optimus Vu P to Restore Factory Settings. WARNING!!! Performing a Hard Reset on your LG Optimus Vu P, all user applications, user data and.

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Customers who are experiencing the panel hanging on check box or update box, should try to use the older driver and see if the problem is gone. I solved my problem at first step. Je ne sais plus quoi faire.. As for Telstra Australia , I am not sure if they do it too. You ca install a greater version of firmware though.

HP Envy is a wireless printer with various functions such as print, scan, fax, and copy. You can print the Web without a PC and fax without a phone line. The printer equipped with 3. These are the capabilities of the printer: Print Speed up to 7 pages per minute black, and up to 4 ppm color; Scan.

Resolution up to dpi optical; maximum scan size 8. This printer supports Macintosh OS X It is really hard to reset this HP printer. ZTE Blade V7 hard reset. ZTE Axon Max hard reset. ZTE Grand X 3 hard reset.

ZTE Avid Plus hard reset. ZTE Axon Elite hard reset. ZTE Zmax 2 hard reset. ZTE Axon mini hard reset. ZTE Blade S7 hard reset. Please let me know …. Hi Ted, thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge. I hope it will be of help to some users.

Sorry I failed to mention a key detail. I was very tired while working with this booger of a tablet. What it boils down to… it is set strictly for LTE.. That includes CDMA also. Root your device and try a custom Rom for bett experience.

Do you know if 4. Because most of the tutorials I have read are for the new version of the S2. Wow I have figured out something… new??? Wanna unlock your tab for FREE? Here is how to unlock… step by step… never read this anywhere before.

Push the power button and shut the tablet down. On a phone you would remove the battery for about a minute… cant do that with the tablet easily but it works anyway. Hiw to downgrade to 4. I chose to go up to 4.

Hi, i am trying to downgrade my samsung galaxy tab The downgrade went perfect! Download firmware from here: Hi… wanting to downgrade sgh-i from 4. I located 3 versions and all have 4 tar files… also a pit file. Never used 4 files before to downgrade… I know one is the OS and another the modem, not clear on the other 2 though.

I usually use odin 3. You made a mistake. Download this firmware file: After downgrade its not going to recovery mode. Check if the firmware file is correct and USB debugging is enabled. If these things are fine, try using a different version of Odin 1.

Hi Sir, will this work with the 4. I upgraded to 4. Worked like a charm! Rakesh Shuklajee ko humaari taraf se dhero pranaam! Is the CSC the code you get from the baseband version code? If it is, here is my baseband version: I have a S3 mini GT-lL on telcel.

It is at 4. Here is the 4. It was upgraded to 4. COM port at Odin not changed at all. I tried this with two different computers. On note 2 with 4. After doing the whole thing in a way it is described, I could not get onto network, had access to emergency calls only.

IMEI was numerical starting with , so flashed recent modem. But then, you simply do not get any benefit of 4. Why I am back to 4. If you have any solutions to this, it would be highly appreciated, rather modem for 4.

Can Heimdall do the job? I want to downgrade to 4. Am I suppose to download 4. But thanks for the steps on downgrading! File extension should not be a problem, but you can try by adding. Give a try with both versions of Odin.

Android TAB 2 Nevertheless, for us, we rooted on 4. We initially tried the downgrade without wiping and resetting and were stuck in a boot loop at the Samsung logo. Not sure what would be causing that. But a quick web search yielded many pages of people with this complaint about various, mostly Verizon devices, an issue which A.

Verizon deals with by swapping out the device and B. Otherwise, not much more I can suggest, sorry. That would have been ideal. I know many people who successfully downgraded to 4. I would recommend you trying 4. Im trying to do this on my tab now I hate 4.

I keep getting stuck at the Samsung logo, I did a factory reset but when I go to wipe cache I get a error and a reboot and back to logo. Uninstall and reinstall the USB Drivers, restart computer and try this: Following directions all went well and as described above until the reboot.

The phone is saying the firmware upgrade encountered an issue select recovery mode in Kies. Kies tries to connect to my phone but does not recognize my device now it did before. I have reinstalled the drivers and even uninstalled and reinstalled Kies, rebooted the computer several times.

I have tried this several times with no results. Any help would be appreciated. Yup, easy as the proverbial pie on my Galaxy Tab 2 Well, once I realized I was stupidly trying to install the 7. That, and re-installing apps on non-rooted devices.

Even if a factory reset would have fixed app issues which we doubt the GUI design is just horrible for this particular device, and whatever else 4. Why do we have to wipe the partition and factory reset? I have a galaxy s 3 with 4.

Thanks a lot for the help. I was able to get it going. Apparently the update over the air damaged the software itself so they had to repair it and then reset it. Yes, USB Debugging does make difference because it allows the computer to write system files on the device.

In the meantime, would the fact that I was unable to select the USB debugging option on my tab affect anything? Cuz my tab bricked before I could do any of that. I downloaded both the recent update and the previous version for my tab.

I tried both firmware but it failed. Sie ,I have an problem please help me. When ever I wanna download any thing it shows start downloading bt actully it cant so please tell me what I do. Complete Write operation failed.

Hi Joel, I am sure why you are repeatedly getting that error. Please copy and paste the whole error message. I have tried several methods to manually select the bands but if i select the lte band only for example I lose connectivity with the network.

A month ago before my upgrade 4G connectivity worked like a dream, now I live in Trinidad but never had any issues with the phone before the update. I do not know what to try again is there anything else that can be done to downgrade and get back my stock firmware?

If youR device on Android 4. Hi Rajesh I upgraded my grand duos from 4. There was some incompatibility in my office reader…so I was wondering what to do.. With this post I am confident I can downgrade to 4.

Downgraded successfully to anterior version, and everything is OK, works like a charme!!! A very big Thanks Rakesh…. Sir I searched it but i didnt get any solution …please sir if you recomemned me any app which you know that is better for me.

Hi Matt, sorry for the inconvenience. Actually the site has been under maintenance for a few days not. However, it is now opening and you can see the page. Due to DNS propagation delay, you might be able to open the link after a few hours.

If you are able to see this page, that should open too. Hey, that is not a problem at all. It is just what you want or prefer. Look for an app in the Play store. Sir please dont tell like this you have all problem solution soo please help me out i will be very grantfull to you.

Thanks again Rakesh, your replies to me are available to everyone else and I think they are as valuable as an article. I will look forward to the update to you articles and new articles. I carefully read your answers to other readers, because sometimes therein lie s the answer s to my questions.

Firstly Thanks for your advise. But I could not find any downgraded version i was looking for 4. Can you please provide me with a direct download link for the download. I need to downgrade from android 4.

The other partition on the internal memory is known as internal SD that is available for users. Additionally, you can insert a micro SD card to expand it for more storage. In most cases messing up with the flash memory, might make the device unusable and unrecoverable too for users and therefore even developers do not dare modify them.

This part contains files like apps and data and therefore it is easy to recover from an issue in case something wrong turns up. Smartphones have become alternatives for computers but the latter is a way ahead than its smaller counterpart.

Moreover, every OS has it own limitations and as I said earlier, Android is not an exception. It has a BIOS like system that can be accessed through a set of secret codes that vary from model to model: Try it and let me know.

You will find all required resources in the tutorial. For further assistance, let me know. I have upgraded my Samsung S3 mobile using odin to android 4. Can you please advise me the complete procedure for downgrading it!! Empowered by the education from you, I am definitely going to root again and install a custom ROM to shut Verizon out.

But that was how it looked like months ago. You should try this: I have used almost all platforms except Blackberry available for smartphones and and I come to realize that Android is the most flexible of all. However, I do not mean that it is the best, just better that others as it lacks certain things found on others or at least thing a smartphone must have.

As for your concern regarding the full system image backup, it is already there but for devices with unlocked bootloaders and root access. If you have a Samsung device, there are a few more advantages, like availability of firmwares that you can install to restore your device in case anything goes wrong.

Of all carriers, Verizon is one that sucks most because it tresspasses the common open source spirit by closing the environment. As for rooting, we have a very easy one-click tool for SCH-I If you backed up the previous ROM, you can restore that after rooting.

Thanks for your excellent advice. I have a very basic question. Why this does not apply to an Android phone? Why we have to go into recovery, downgrade OS and what not. I say that because recently Verizon messed up my rooted S3 that had custom recovery and I had to go back to installing stock ROM and now I have an un-rooted phone and no custom recovery and I am scared to start the process all over again.

Any word on the progress for unlocking the bootloader on the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4? Your device must be able to boot into Download Mode to be able to do anything. We have our limitations, you know.

Tried factory reset and cache wipe again. Device will not take a charge and battery is dead. Could this be a result of the firmware problem? Any ideas on what to do now? Kies cannot connect to the device.

It asks to reboot tablet to resolve issue, but tablet is in boot loop. I have done a factory reset and cache partition wipe with no success to stop loop. I have tried to reinstall original firmware via Odin.

This information can be found under the battery on device with a removable battery, and on the back of devices that have an internal battery. The device model number we are using in this example is SGH-T Make sure you enter the model number in all CAPS.

The serial number is located near the model number. The serial number format will vary based on the type of device you are using. Any letters in the serial number should be entered in all CAPS. Thanks for your prompt reply.

I tried again twice with Odin3 v3. Did you try a data factory reset from recovery? If not, follow the steps from above. If you have already gone through that, downgrade again to 4. The download via Odin3 v1.

Thank you for this! Just finished downgrading from JB 4. Samsung Galaxy S3 Tv. Yes, Sir i agree with you but actully at first it show the name of caller in middle but when I update it then this problem came.

So please sir tell me that what I do now…. Or tell me th any pplication name that can help me out I am really thankful on your reply Thankyou so much. Hi, you got a strange wish and I afraid you will not be able to get it fulfilled as in most dialers the middle space is left for contact image.

My samsung N caller name show upward …. I need it in the middle so please sir tell me what should I do that the caller name shows in the middle. Was able to complete sim free trick and then upgrade again.

I strongly suspect it is a firmware issue. It now works on both SIM cards like a charm. Such issues are often due to a bug in the firmware. What firmware versions have tried so far. And, were all of them for India? I need to run some tests on 4.

Yes, I could if it existed. S3 Mini was launched with Android 4. I do through odin.. I lost network service, wifi. Other apps stopped working too so I had to go redo the process again.

Went back to the stock ffirmwae and root. Hi, the latest firmwares for some devices like TM and Vzw S4 has patched the root exploit and therefore the available methods are not working on them.

However, you can try one of these methods:. This may be irrelevant for this thread. But is there a way to root the updated firmware of the galaxy S4 mv yet? I do but same problem is still pending only showing turning on but not on …………… please tell me other solution please.

Here is the guide: This worked for me. My phone is from Wind Mobile Canada. You should keep your loyal viewers updated on the progress. Dude, I am so starting to believe that downgrading ME7 is not possible yet.

Download and install this firmware: I did all the checks, even after reset the factoy also it is not working. Can any one help me on this reg. Yes, you can upgrade any time and as long as your device gas official firmware, your warranty will not be void.

Also, will this void the warranty? Yes, download and install this using the steps above: On Samsung devices, the only way is by using Odin. If you do not get a bootloop after downgrading, you can skip resetting but it will a rarest of the rare case.

If the downgrade is from 4. You are following wrong guide. It say Fail Complete Write operation failed. I guess you have Tab P Can u plz help me out n tell me the easiest way to do it? I have the samsung galaxy s3 with 4.

I want to downgrade it to previous firmware 4. I found it in youtube! Sorry for bad english. No, it will not. Just make sure you do not have both- Kies and USB drivers- installed at the same time. If yes, uninstall one of them.

Also ensure that Kies is not opened while you do the drill. Okay, will KIES interrupt the firmware downgrade? I do not want to risk it, so what should I do? Also, what would happen if I tried and do this on a 20 percent battery?

I do not fully see how it could use up the rest of the battery on a SGH-i This thing has a mah battery correct? Is there anyway to flash tar files from phone memory itself sdcard , i want to flash ICS on to JB galaxy note but my phone connector is having issues and am unable to connect to laptop.

All required stuff can be found here: As for bloats, you can uninstall them yourself using a root file explorer. I do not think that downgrading to GB is a great idea when you can have JB. I would recommend you to install a custom ROM instead: Go ahead but choose the correct firmware.

After flashing stock rom, without having recovery flashing on to mobile how can we reboot into recovery mode? No, it is not. Wipe the factory data and cache partition again. Make sure you have installed the correct firmware for your model.

After that it stuck at android logo with blue round is moving. It is take long time? Now about nearly 1hrs already. I have a question brothers.. I read in other post like this … where people give after flash with odin, it is inhibited midway, or terminates the process and the phone does not restart, or not re-enter download mode or restoration mode, or maybe all goes well but at want to go back and make flash with the new firmware, the laptop does not recognize the phone drivers, why this happens?

If I change 4. Some users report that using triangle no longer clears away flashs. I hope someone can help.. Thanks and keep posting… Not backing up my data and 2. Not reading from the beginning….

You cannot go back. Try wiping cache partition only and reboot. If it boots normally, you will an opportunity to save your data. If not, God bless the world! I forgot to back up my data and am at step Is there any way I can go back and back up my data???

Hi, you can downgrade the firmware of you S3 using the steps above. However, I would not recommend to do it immediately. Just follow the Steps from the above tutorial and do not forget to backup your apps and data before doing that: Hi have s3 with ice cream and upgraded it to jellybean and now I have problem with messaging.

The message fails, and all message will be gone and need to restart for the message to comeback and work normally. I want to downgrade my samsung s3. No, my friend your phone is just fine!

You missed unchecking the Auto Reboot in Odin. Anyways, remove back cover and pull out the battery and follow the steps It has been on boot screen for over 10 minutes now. Is it safe to interrupt? Or should I wait for it to finish?

I have a t-mobile note 2 that I want to unlock. Will this downgrade method work for me? Im a bit of a noob and dont want to put my device in any danger. However I did manage to get gmail, youtube and a few other google apps working on the phone using the APKs found on the link you provided.

I was also able to install the UK version of various widgets. No Google Play Store though: Another way for you can be rooting the device and installing a custom ROM based on Touchwiz. I will uninstall it and try again when I get back from work in an hour, update back here again then.

Did you try to install Google play manually?: I am thinking that it may be easier to sell this one and get a English one, either that or try make do with the lack of features and google play store. Okay, try again with Odin3 1.

I suppose you have a Note N 16 GB. If it is right,. Click on PDA in Odin, select firmware. Also check Re-Partition on the device. Thank you for the extra download links, however I still had no luck.

Another few forums suggest removing sim and sd card when doing it, I just tried this and got the same result. FYI — I also tried downloading the same firmware version but from a different website on the second go; also a no go.

Many thanks for this information, I gave it ago twice, re-reading it all over. Sadly both times failed, any ideas? The odin output is below…. The failure thing often pops up due to some mistake on the side of users.

If you are careful and do things with a cool mind no damage will be done. In case, anything wrong takes place you can install the previous firmware back. You will have to update it manually.

Yes you are right. Install this firmware the steps are above: Because I am a British citizen and reside in the UK the phone he gave me bought in China has a Chinese region firmware installed; because of this it is lacking a lot of the main features I would want and use regularly.

I contacted Samsung to see if they could install the firmware for the UK region, sadly they said they can not and would not. Therefore my only choice is to install the firmware myself, therefore I have three very simple questions that I wanted answer for before I continued….

If the installation fails, can the phone be reset back to its original state without issues? Otherwise I will have broken a brand new, expensive gift. If I install a firmware myself, will the phone continue to update automatically to newer versions for the firmware, or do I need to manually do it each time?

I thank you very much for your help, and if I do install the firmware I will report back its success. Download the appropriate firmware zip and extract it to get the file with. Hi, can someone tell me where do i get this file from firmware file in tar.

I downgraded the s3 of a mate of mine from android 4. Since than no problems with his phone anymore. You made somebody really happy. Thnx a lot again. Anyway, here is a mirror: How would I do that? Which files do I need to download, whats the methods afterwards?

The options showed in method for 4. Do not downgrade now. Try it first with 4. The method you showed me is on the 4. Is it necessary that I have to downgrade it to follow the procedures? Hardlock is not a popular practice among carriers.

I have heard about Claro Argentina which does this. As for Telstra Australia , I am not sure if they do it too. Try the methods given here: I doubt the phone is hardlocked. Any recommendations of firmware, tutorial forums, etc?

See here for more help: Followed the steps and it worked, Just a question and idk if you would know the answer to, im dowgrading to 4. Hey, i have always needed help finding a stock ics rom for my region: Here is Malaysian firmware:

Try x hard reset zte max grand Apollo

Full Support added for: Corresponding Full Factory Flash files on Support. Improved [Unlock] and Cert. Read for Korean SS models. Unlock Option Enhanced, not need to Enter after [Gen. Regional lock remove on Qualcomm V 2.

Otherwise cant write Certification! All these Instruction is applicable for many similar phones: Add Exploit file to list Add File. Insert Cable to Switched Off Phone. ENVM file have same functionality as.

As all things are now Backed up can feel safe to go to Destroy a phones Vital Data. So will see PopUp like this. Use Load Values if have saved before. Here is also Init Locks button. CERT file If see: And Finally We can test, what we have done By pressing Gen.

Do not worry about none written protected Items, it will not cause any Issues. To Restart Phone can use Restart Button. Settings All these Instruction is applicable for many similar phones: Our Certification files have SKID number at the end of Name, if this Number is match with phone number, can write certificate from other phone.

UFST only, see separate Document. Customers who are experiencing the panel hanging on check box or update box, should try to use the older driver and see if the problem is gone. How to install older driver.

Right click My Computer and select Manage 3. Click Universal Serial Bus controllers 4. Right click your computer name at the top of the list and select Scan for hardware changes 6. Select Install from a list or specific location Advanced and then Click Next 8.

Make sure Search for the driver in these locations is selected, Search removable media Click Browse and either: Increased Baud Rate for J,J 2. Added Windows8 64 bit Support. Infineon Bug fixed present in V 2.

Infineon Egold Boot Fixed was broken in v 2. A added FL,3xIM 6. November 06 HWK Release v2. Since this is a minor update release, there is no need to update your HWK if you have already updated on the v2.

Minor bugs in AT protocol fixed: If the HWK is a TRIAL or affected by 3rd party tools, this software may not work properly, so use at your own risk Since this is a minor update release, there is no need to update your HWK if you have already updated on the v2.

Max Section Size Increased. Life Timer added to [PM Edit] 7. C Flashing not Supported yet, use Original Flasher. Some Models have encrypted Boot2. Thank you so much. I tried version 4. I would like to get rid of the bloatware and install an untouched version of the firmware.

Do I have to root my phone? I have uninstalled everything I could and disabled the rest. I suspect this would definitely void my warranty. What are the limitations of the firmwares I can install with Odin on my phone? I read below about bootloader etc?

The device was detected by odin, when i started flashing, it got stuck on SetupConnection. Finally i unplugged the phone. Thanks it worked to some extent.. Another thing i noticed was if i uncheck Do not keep activities, it works fine without lag else there is a small lag..

Got stuck in odin when i tried to install stock firmware Samsung-Updates. The device was detected in odin. When i started flashing it got stuck in SetupConnection so i unplugged the phone. To fix this either install the latest 4.

Is there any patch for this in jelly bean itself or I have to revert to ICS?? Do not give that guy a single penny. Just follow the tutorial above an you can do it yourself whether you are a tech-guy or not.

You can flash the original firmware yourself. Just tell me about your carrier, if any. May be it is Claro! No, but you can try Mobile Odin Pro and install the firmware on the phone itself: Sir is there any other possibility to get back the ripple effect on the lock screen after updating my s3 mini from 4.

Do you think they will activate it again in 4 2. However, Samsung later fixed it by an update. The bug is reported to show its face when a custom kernel is flashed or the device is factory reset.

I know several cases of people successfully flashing downgrade firmware on Galaxy S2 and I think it should work for you. Hi, you have chose the correct FW version. Just use the steps given above carefully and you will successfully downgrade your S2.

I was finally able to complete the process today, thank you for your help! S Duos came with Android 4. I do not think you can downgrade it. Pull out battery, put it back after a minute, and then boot phone into recovery and follow steps Anyways, pull out the battery, place it back after 40 seconds and then follow Steps from above.

It should be fixed. If it still does not help, reinstall the firmware more carefully. Reset Time…still odin manage to show Pass.. Download the firmware from below and use this tutorial. Also, you can have much less buggy JB ROM but to install that you will have to root the device first: I have GT-N which i recently upgraded to Android 4.

The phone has really gone slow after this updation. Can you help me with the steps to restore to the next previous version of what i installed currently 4. The latest version for SPH-L, to the best of my knowledge, is 4.

If you wish to downgrade to that, here is the link: So I am totally new to android I have been using iphones since the 2g all the way to the 5 got rid of it and got a galaxy s3 on sprint, I updated my os to jellybean 4.

Yes, there are apps that can move all apps with data to sd card- https: Besides there are backup apps that can backup all installed apps and games to sd card and you can restore them anytime without need to install every time:.

Thank you for the link and for the prompt response! After i root it i will be able to use a moving application to move the apps to the SD card? Will i be able to have all the games and applications and not to have to install them all over again?

If you are willing to do that, you should also be willing to root your Tab. If interested, see here: My son installed a ton of games and i have no more room on it to install others.

I have tried like almost all of the moving apps from the market without success. If i downgrade to an earlier android will i be able to move my apps to the SD card? Can i do that in any way without rooting my device?

My android is now 4. But this is a tutorial for downgrading the firmware. Anyways, pull out the battery and follow Steps Just as you proceed to root, you will also unlock the bootloader.

Just follow the steps on the rooting tutorial. Try this rooting tutorial: Pull battery, start over? Been in the same process for a half hour. How long should the download usually take? When you do this do not forget to reboot device.

Here is the method: No problem on the delay. I have a SCH-I I got that issue solved. I think I have that resolved more of an issue of inpatients. I am still having an issue with the camera on carbonrom 1.

Is there a way to uninstall the camera app then reinstall it? There is no confirmation on the phone that the unlock was successful…. Hi Davis, I am really sorry for the late reply as I was out of 3 days. Can you show me a screenshot?

I recently replaced my Verizon gs3 with a new gs3. This phone has been a pain to root. I flashed it back to stock using the link you provided to 4. The last step after flashing stock rom is pull battery and boot into recovery mode.

If not how can I fix it. I have a Note 2 sgh-im and i purchased an unlock code and have done this for a few smartphones so i have a good idea of what im doing but for whatever reason the keypad codes that i need to enter so i can input my code doesnt respond.

You can get the factory image here: Hi I am using a galaxy nexus and using 4. It sucks and I want to downgrade it to 4. If you have Ace S, use this guide: I have downgraded the rom over odin to 4. Still i cant unlock it, i am missing the needed parts in.

There is nothing to be scared. The method is safe if you do it carefully. Try the Steps from above. Do not charge your device until it is deep discharged and plug the charger after turning the phone off. You will hopefully see the difference.

Pull out the battery and try again. Booting device in stock recovery might require several attempts. This is a working procedure. First of all make sure USB Debugging is turned on. Also that the firmware you download matches your country and carrier.

You can also try rebooting the phone and PC. I have able to claim warranty in my case though. Yes, all firmwares are not the same and I believe Samsung must be aware of the bugs that concerns millions of its users.

I have done it hundreds of time over the years. The biggest punishment may be a bootloop and we have a fix for that too. But if you are careful, nothing wrong will happen. I will be here to help you in case of any such occurance.

You can manually download the latest firmware for your phone and it might fix the issue. Download both the firmwares 4. It takes me around 5 minutes of continuously turning the wifi on and off to connect to my router at home.

But having never done this before, I am a bit scared and I would like to ask you a few questions:. My biggest fear is if this will void my warranty. I know it has a flash counter.

Will flashing the 4. I was thinking of maybe waiting for the 4. In case something does go wrong while flashing. Is there any possibility to end up with a completely bricked phone? Like not being able to do anything with it after that.

If I flash the 4. I imagine not all S3 phones have issues with wifi after the update. And lastly, I cannot find my firmware in the link you provided. In Kies says region is ARO. The phone is factory unlocked and from Argentina.

The most battery sipping features are: Display, WiFi, 3G and Syncing. Use Greenify app to control those apps. Also read these articles: Its been about 2 weeks since I upgraded to Jellybean and the problem of battery life dropping has been only aggravating.

Sometimes the phone switches off even in the middle of a call. I had read quite a few reviews on the effects of upgrading to ICS from GB, with lots of users commenting on the loss of battery life and consequently wanting to move back to GB.

Also, can you let me know what apps are there which generally lead to a huge drop in battery life. Everything worked as described with your link to the firmware for my device. Although I will miss the nicer Gallery interface in 4.

Hi Arnab, I really see no wisdom in sticking with a lower version firmware when the latest with great features is there. If by recently you mean days, I would recommend you to let the device complete it charge-discharge cycles.

In case you problem is not solved after doing this, I would suggest you to root your device and install a custom ROM. Here is the link to all required tutorials: On doing so, my battery life has halved from a full day to a half day.

First I would like to check with you if this is normal and whether there is a way around this problem. Otherwise, if I need to downgrade to a lower version of Android, could you suggest what version should I go for.

As I have never done this before, could you guide me to a site or resource which can help me with the same. I found this problem after few days when the phone has been updated to Android Jelly Bean 4. What is actually happening to my phone?

Whether there is software issue or battery problem? However, I cannot find the firmware for my phone. This tutorial is not for you. Sorry, I could not see your comment. Anyways, if the problem still exists, try the Steps from above.

See here, it will help you: In about phone section my phone is showing build number: Just Downgraded from the 4. You have really come to a right place finally. Anyways, we have a separate guide for the solution of your problem: Thk god i found ur website atlast, hope wil get a solution for my prob.

I now want to roll back to my GB 2. Samsung Galaxy S3 I need to downgrade from 4. Can you tell me what should I do??? I am about to try a downgrade from 4. I am having horrible WiFi issues and our baby monitor uses WiFi so I am unable to watch our little girl so am very keen to see if going to 4.

Thanks very much for all of your kind help. Hi, the latest software version from Samsung is 4. If you want to use 4. And for that you will have to root your phone first. If you are interested, look here: That may be a possible reason and can be fixed too.

That might also create problem. These days i gived the phone to a Phone service and they said it is a problem with chip flash from the mainboard. Thank you very much.. My S2 phone have already downgrade from 4.

Everything is all right, but the Messaging button is something wrong. It always get wrong when I press in. What should I do now……. Also, thank you for your detail steps on downgrade android. I need to downgrade my 4.

See here the rooting tutorial for N Okay, see this tutorial: Have you signed in your Samsung Account on the device? If yes, sign out out now. Another funny way to stop that is to root your phone. You can also disable it from Samsung Updates..

If you are using Kies, you should disable software update from there too. I am using custom ROMs for a long time so I do not exactly remember the settings but it should be there. I have a question how can i disable auto update on Android 4.

Is there any way to disable air-update? Samsung should not have any problem with official firmware. If it does not help you, you can then consider downgrade to 4. Could you help me out? I want to downgrade it to ICS.

Country where I got it: I am currently using it in the United Kingdom. Finally the upgrade was just a check-for-upgrades authorization. Is there a chance to screw up the phone? I mean, if in the middle of the ICS installation something happens i.

Could you perform a hash check for the file you download to the phone? Unfortunately, most manufacturer do not provide changelog for small updates. Usually, such updates contain bug fixes and improvements rather than new features.

After boot I tried to connect to my WiFi network, but still happens the same: Actually my software is 4. Is there a way to check what kind of upgrade is about to install? Okay, remove the battery, reinsert it and try this tutorial: I need the downgrade package for samsung galaxy y india region, pls mail link to sakaraymanoj gmail.

Thanks can you send me a link when you have? Just to put it in more detail. Its staying on the screen that says samsung galaxy ace 2 i not just the samsung logo. I downgraded my note 1 GT N from jelly bean to ics.

Jelly bean is a pathetic software This is the only post which has given proper information to do it. I have the samsung galaxy ace 2 and i upgraded to unofficial firmware of 4. Followed your method to downgrade to gingerbread up until android recovery mode because i cannot get into recovery mode.

Please can you help im worried i might be stuck on samsung screen. First of all try a data factory reset following Steps from above. Backup all data as it will wipe everything on internal storage.

Besides that, I also noticed a not-so-smooth animation when swipe as there was when using ICS. My question is, do you recommend to do this? Or I should wait for an JB upgrade? Here it is- http: Install this — http: Thanks for the quick reply.

If so It must be the 4. How would I do this? It there a link to put this straight back on phone? Please advise, much appreciated, thanks. I recently did the update to 4. Just want to go back to 4.

I also want to use an official Samsung download for this. Can you advise me on a link for this and how to proceed from here? Yeah I tried it bt its still there and my sisters s3 is doing fine…also ota and 4. I can download the 4.

If I need it later… and will I recieve future ota after using odin? And what does odin do? It clean install the rom or replace it on top of the current one Thx fr replying.. You need not root your phone to downgrade but before you do that, try the steps 10 to 14 from the above tutorial first.

If the wifi issue is still there, consider downgrading. Hi I need to go back to last ics update from jb 4. And model gt-i oh is it necessary to root my s3 to do this.. Yes, I noticed the 5 new 4.

Perhaps I should wait a few days, to see if the version for the Nordic countries NEE will be released. My unit is unbranded btw, to answer your previous question. Thanks for your help, so far….

The log seems fine. The leaked firmwares usually do not have a modem in them so it might be a reason. Anyways, you need not flash the firmware, just pull out the battery and keep trying. I will try to look for a solution.

Your phone model does not allow any other. Otherwise, some or other solution must have been there. My tutorial is perfect in itself but quite strangely it did not work for you. I searched for the firmware but it is not there.

Okay then downgrade seems to a solution for you but before you do that, try one of these firmwares did not find for Sweden. These are latest builds released in March- France- http: I know I was among the very first to obtain the 4.

Anyway, I know the initial update was installed late January. Anyways, if you you are so reluctant to go to Service center, better use this guide. One minute, I remember now, can you tell me when did you update the firmware?

This bug was was universal with the first batch of 4. Is your phone branded? Thank You for the swift reply! However, I already asked the Samsung guys here in Sweden in their chatroom but they told me it was not possible. Anyways, that should not be a problem.

But that is the Korean variant of Galaxy Note, if I am correct. Have you installed Kies on your computer? Hi Petter, you have asked an easily question that I find difficult to answer. While many people I am also one of them have been able to warranty claim, I have also heard a few complaining it voided the warranty.

I believe that the warranty should be void only if someone roots or installs a custom kernel or mod. If you that much concerned, you can so to Samsung Service center and ask them to downgrade the firmware for you.

I only have one question, before trying to downgrade from 4. If so, I guess warranty is voided? Then let go off Power button but keep the Volume Up pressed until your device boots into Recovery mode.

And when it does, Wipe data factory reset and cache partition twice in the same order then reboot the device. In recovery mode use the volume buttons to scroll and power key to select. This behavior is not normal, Joseph.

Put in download mode if you are sure of other things and plug and unplug the the USB. Make sure you have either Kies or USB drivers installed, Kies is closed during the procedure Usb debugging mode is on You cable and serial port are fine Try restarting your PC and Tablet There is no other reason why it should not connect.

Thank you for the advice, followed the instructions as written in your guide and it is now working perfectly again, dare i say it maybe working better than before!. Yes it is the the international version, it is software branded and locked to three network in England.

You can root your phone while it is still locked. The model number is GT-I? I have a Three UK galaxy S2 and like many people I am unhappy with the battery life, I have finally decided to root my phone but it is locked to the network, do I need to remove the network lock first?

It worked like a charm. Hi Anna, This is so little a reason to downgrade. To fix your problem, perform the Steps 10 to 14 from the above. Also let me know how did you upgrade to ICS and did you install the correct firmware for your country?

S3 was released with Android 4. Download ROM and follow the tutorial. I want to downgrade back to Gingerbread. What do you suggest I should do? If I follow the instructions above it will work back on Gingerbread?

There is nothing like custom folder. And yes, copy it to external SD and you will see it. To backup, read these: All done updated to JB 4. Now the question should I root my phone? If I decide to root a: Do you have a guide for rooting my gs3.

One of the main reasons I would root is for backup. Having had to reinstall all my apps and settings at least 4 times in the last month. Thanks for all the help. You would think Verizon would upgrade straight to 4.

I am on my third update and still 4. I screwed up when I registered. I gotta figure out how to change that. BTW my name is Dave. Thanks so much for all your help. I am afraid, no. You can still check at least. If it does not, flash the official 4.

I am not sure if you looked at my previous post with the link to the file I flashed. Should I be able to get ota with this file? Verizon is so slow! You will have to request OTA or install the leaked version.

Can you tell me what the latest official rom is for my us sch-i gs3 and where can I download it from? Download Indian firmware from here and install it manually: I am not able to update, when ever I press check for update.

I tried kies as well it is also showing the same no up dated version for your device. After a bit research I found that my base band version is different so thats y it is happening and i reset the samsung s3 still no use any help I can expect.

Thank you for the swift reply! There is nothing foolish in availing the latest update. With any new firmware, such symptoms are normal but most folks get panicked with it. I would recommend you to stay with it and wait for 4 days.

The battery needs to sync with the new software and it takes about charge cycles to tune itself. Keep downgrading at you last option. For now, I will suggest you to perform Steps from the above tutorial. I foolishly upgraded to android 4.

Should i downgrade to older firmware or is there another way of keeping power in the phone? Thank you in advance for any info you may have. Also note that the firmware version will not be affected in any way, it will not be downgraded, it will remain the same you are using and if you have rooted your device, root privileges remain also unaffected.

Home ZTE hard reset. ZTE Blade V7 hard reset. ZTE Axon Max hard reset. ZTE Grand X 3 hard reset. ZTE Avid Plus hard reset. ZTE Axon Elite hard reset. ZTE Zmax 2 hard reset.

Also note that the firmware version will not be affected in any way, it will not be downgraded, it will remain the same you are using and if you have rooted your device, root privileges remain also unaffected.

Home ZTE hard reset. ZTE Blade V7 hard reset. ZTE Axon Max hard reset. ZTE Grand X 3 hard reset. ZTE Avid Plus hard reset. ZTE Axon Elite hard reset. ZTE Zmax 2 hard reset. ZTE Axon mini hard reset. ZTE Blade S7 hard reset.

ZTE Axon hard reset. ZTE Axon Watch hard reset. ZTE Blade X3 hard reset. I found a way and also simple way on youtube. I solved my problem at first step. I can enter in any application to do that.

How I can fix. Well you can remove the battery to force the phone to be off. That would be the best thing to do. You are getting this error because there is an application on your phone that crashed. Once you restarted the phone you should not be getting this error anymore.

If you do better bring the phone to the nearest service center or if you can do a reset on the phone that would be the best possible solution. Hard reset is the best solution to this problem. Hard reset will erase all data on your device so make sure you do a backup before doing it.

Select Backup and Reset. Tap Factory Data Reset. My android been having a pop up message that said unfortunately, system ui has stopped? System ui has stopped for android tab! Try reinstalling, or starting your phone in safe mode.

This may help you get to the bottom of your problem. I keep getting the "unfortunately, system ui has stopped" message every other second while using the ics operating system for android Mostly it might be broken touchscreen especially on samsung phones , some are software problem.

Chek your internet or refresh your phone by turn it off and on. My android phone says unfortunately launcher has stopped,system ui stopped? Just try to flash your firmware back. My android phone keeps giving me that ,y ui system has stopped?

Phone is not switching on. Add Your Answer How to fix unfortunately system ui has stopped in android 4. Anonymous "It was succesful but there was a problem about wifi Hello everyone, i am new in this forum. This discussion closely relates to:.

I am sure I would have to re-flash the rom to fix it. I have tried to connect it to my laptop with Windows 7 64gb running but I hear it connect for about 30 seconds but then it disconnects. This happens continuously for hours.

It will only respond with the battery in the phone and does nothing when I try it without the battery. I downloaded all of the MTK drivers but every one of them shows code 10 so will not work even after uninstalling many times with USBDeview and when the connector sounds it shows Alcatel single RNDIS Interface 5 in the device manager which also has code 10 and will not update either.

As the screen is always black I can t figure out what s wrong. Anyone got any ideas or should I just throw it in the bin? Anonymous "My lg fino d has an android problem Hi there, my LG fino D has an android problem. It shows "the process com.

I have an Android iPro Glory 1 Verson 4. This is not just one box, or one app When I press OK another box pops up, one right after the other. If i continue to push the OK in the boxes, my phone will completely freeze up.

I have brought it up in recovery mode, but the little robot has fallen over, and under it says: Could someone please tell me if there s way to wake up, or turn back on, the little robot in Recovery Mode??

Or does anyone know if this phone can be fixed? It boots up fine, and turn off fine. BUT with all these little boxes popping up so fast, I don t have but about a 30 to a 40 second window to get into the settings..

I have tried clearing the data, and cache but it s not clearing out because the little boxes pop up so fast, I can t seem to work fast enough to clean out everything. Does anyone have any idea on if there is a fix for this phone..

It just started this today. Thanks so much for your time. How do I fix unfortunately ui system has stopped on android if I cant get past the ok button? My android phone is saying unfortunately ui system has stopped.

I hit the ok button and it goes back to the same message. My hithech s screen resolution size got small and touch is not working at all it is sense less no response reason of that damage is z4root app m My hithech s screen resolution size got small and touch is not working at all it is sense less no response reason of that damage is z4root app my phone was rooted by vroot and i wanted to unroot it so i downloaded z4root apk and tried to un root with that app my phone was restarted automatically after that my phone got damaged please can any one help me i have tried google search since 6 days no help was found please help me.

Anonymous "Is there a way to fix the problem please i have tried and failed HiMy Onda was reset to factory default, it asked for a micro sd card to be inserted as insufficient memory was available. Hi My Onda was reset to factory default, it asked for a micro sd card to be inserted as insufficient memory was available.

The micro sd card failed. Now the Onda will not work properly, it keeps asking for a disk to be inserted. I have tried various downloads but nothing seems to work. Is there a way to fix the problem please I have tried and failed to sort it I turned on my phone this morning and when i get to the lock screen, the status bar is blank on my android, and when i unlock the phone, these popu I turned on my phone this morning and when i get to the lock screen, the status bar is blank on my android, and when i unlock the phone, these popups keep coming up all the time so that i cant even use the phone saying system ui has stopped and launcher has stopped.

What do I do? I ve done a hard reset several times, left the battery out overnight, and put it in safe mode. I have andriod lg tracfone that s been working perfectly fine up until today. Can you help us by answering one of these related questions?

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If it does not help you, you can then consider downgrade to 4. Other apps stopped working too so I had to go redo the process again. Infineon Egold Boot Fixed was broken in v 2. While many people I am also one of them have been able to warranty claim, I have also heard a few complaining it voided the warranty. RM, RM a-2, a-2b 3. Everything worked as described with your link to the firmware for my device.

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