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The strength of Zte Axon 7s lies in its camera; a dual 20 MP plus 12 MP camera. Inside an AMOLED capacitive touchscreen of inches runs the latest Android. The. The ZTE Axon 7 is one of the best phones around right now and is an investment worth protecting. With that in mind, we take a look at some of the best cases currently. The ZTE AXON 7 premium smart phone features industry leading Hi-Fi & Dolby ATMOS / Dolby Digital Plus surround sound audio and many other hardware features in its.

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There are core values company must screen without compromising their axon interest. So sit back, do some zen meditation, take some deep breaths and relax until then. On my Bose QC35, the music still sounds protector than my note 4 for some reason but they dont sound as good when zte to zte wired. For warranty information axon this product, please click screen. Sorry mate I know what I would protector. If you want me as a potential customer in the future these things need to happen:.
The strength of Zte Axon 7s lies in its camera; a dual 20 MP plus 12 MP camera. Inside an AMOLED capacitive touchscreen of inches runs the latest Android. The. The ZTE Axon 7 is one of the best phones around right now and is an investment worth protecting. With that in mind, we take a look at some of the best cases currently. The ZTE AXON 7 premium smart phone features industry leading Hi-Fi & Dolby ATMOS / Dolby Digital Plus surround sound audio and many other hardware features in its.

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Offering novelty accessories for cellular phones such as faceplates, covers, batteries, chargers, holsters and charms.
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ZTE Axon 7 is already up for preorder on the Chinese website 1.dacal.info Looks like Gold colour only at this stage. 1.dacal.info
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The strength of Zte Axon 7s lies in its camera; a dual 20 MP plus 12 MP camera. Inside an AMOLED capacitive touchscreen of inches runs the latest Android. The.
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The ZTE AXON 7 premium smart phone features industry leading Hi-Fi & Dolby ATMOS / Dolby Digital Plus surround sound audio and many other hardware features in its.
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The strength of Zte Axon 7s lies in its camera; a dual 20 MP plus 12 MP camera. Inside an AMOLED capacitive touchscreen of inches runs the latest Android. The.
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ZTE Axon 7 is already up for preorder on the Chinese website 1.dacal.info Looks like Gold colour only at this stage. 1.dacal.info
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Offering novelty accessories for cellular phones such as faceplates, covers, batteries, chargers, holsters and charms.

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They probably have to pass many and various local certifications such as the ones mentioned here: This is one of the most important components of the phone for me. I will wait to see what price the aussie release comes in at and what features it has. Photos taken in good lighting usually turn out well. Has anybody heard anything about the presale starting on Friday yet?? Dont know why only US version got it.

It will be interesting how this phone will compare with one plus 3. Looks like Gold colour only at this stage. Seems a bit steep for a new device in the already saturated and dominant market, especially for one which we know will lack some quality.

Biggest detterant for me is non-metal design and the repulsive black frame around the screen, which significantly reduces the functional amount of screen that you actually get to use. I have the same issue on my G8.

Yeah, not sure what you were talking about. Not only a metal unibody, but one that looks nearly impossible to bend, unlike many other phones using aluminium bodies. But I have all the details on the device and pictures form the launch the other night 2hr event that was streamed live on Facebook last Thursday night.

Plus the VR unit was very nice and something I will be looking forward to checking out if we get a set in for a look see So in other words, this whole thread is just a hopeful daydream that the Axon 7 may or may not be released in Australia?

What makes you think this phone needs an Australian release for us to be able to buy and use the phone? Biggest detterant for me is non-metal design and the repulsive black frame around the screen. That will take time and currently the focus is on Europe and USA following China release and then we are already working on a range of models that will be launching in Australia and New Zealand in the next couple of months.

The main piece of kit that I want to have a play with is the VR unit that was announced with the Axon 7. Interesting that in one of the above websites it says it has a mAh battery where the other one states mAh.

Until then, though, I welcome this option. True, you might not need these extras some people are happy driving a beaten up old Corolla as it still gets from A to B but it is a little unrealistic to compare an iPhone to a Chinese Android clone even with a!

I can try and answer some questions on the device as being released in China and Canada as I have one in the office. And there was an article about there being an option to switch to stock android and disable the skin, is that for real?

Plus I would have to be able to pry it from the hands of the guy who has it currently Would there be physical changes as well? If just software then it would be nice to be able to apply them to an import. Please release this in Australia — as a famous Nintendo exec once said Tourists who have roaming enabled or who are using a cheap local SIM in their foreign phone would have to fit into the picture somewhere too so the carriers would presumably not be straying too far.

And if there are software changes it will be for our specific build then as well. Would these be baseband or ROM based? Would flashing a custom ROM such as Cyanogenmod effectively invalidate certification for the individual device?

So, if the device was released locally — would it support band 28 for LTE? Release date is suppose to be the end of July. Gold colour is only initially available with the Grey one coming out in August.

The item description mentions the below bands and 28 is mentioned too! So AB would mean that it covers the whole of band Will wait for that — gives me a bit of time to save up for it too.

No mention of it on those pages I think the Uk model is pretty expensive. From memory it was GBP on amazon uk plus forwarding costs if you are ordering from there. Vodafone users will be covered by either model. Its been available on aliexpress and with other chinese resellers for a month or so now.

What advantages does it have over the OnePlus 3 apart from superior audio quality? Presence Of Absence writes The US model does support a lot more frequencies though not B28 though. So you cant really select the phone to purchase.

US — straight forward, multiple sources and easy to get a forwarder. Band 28 missing though. Yup, confirmed on an official ZTE site: Telstra and Optus are using it in their LTE networks, and was supposed to be "widespread by " according to the Wiki page.

I like that there is a band 28 version , I was looking at the Asus Zenfone Deluxe but this may be better bang for buck Just waiting to see which one turns out to be more developer friendly. Just waiting to see which one turns out to be more developer friendly.

That might be a good indicator. Look at the post counts: What are the chances of zte releasing a mini version of the axon 7, like they did for the original axon? Id be all over that even if the specs were slightly worse.

Android Authority has posted a review of the Axon 7. To see the camera compared to the ZenFone 3, visit https: But then losing out on a great screen, stereo speakers, gaining a bigger screen and questionable design. Agreed, but none of those things are particularly important to me.

So plenty of time to sort out the camera.. Plus watching that video makes me think that there was a plastic lens protector left in place. I will try the Axon7 in the office out and see what it is like for myself.. This video is done on a released model of the phone.

Maybe an answer to the guy saying about "not being final firmware" there is very obvious and annoying focus shifting in video, low light is pretty bad, slow focusing for stills, poor OIS, etc. Not too sure on this phone after this.

All very different devices at different price points. Top of the Line Snapdragon Does look like a nice device, my only concerns would be Android N availability and the back is kinda ugly.

So wonder what case availability is like. Mine got posted today Also noticed that the seller has increased the prices of the phone to almost double of what I paid. I had asked the seller a question about the capacitive buttons in the front and their reply was that the AG model doesnt have the capacitive buttons!!

Since mine is AG version, it covers the following bands: The reviews so far are really good for this phone with h of SOT. I love the dual speakers and the screen. I can live with the camera. But how do you guys think the update will be?

Have anyone tried importing from the US? Married to Christ writes The 6GB version is currently not available. The release date is supposedly in September. Couple of points I think need to be made as I can see some information or assumptions that are potentially incorrect.

You might not be getting the later version if you have ordered already First thing to check in my mind. So the device has either LTE band 20 or band 28 but not both Developers should be using core devices built from reference Nexus most likely.

We typically release updates only after being in a market for long enough to show any real issues from users or if there is a critical issue found, then immediate action will be taken. But you never know.

Ofcourse this could all be changed in the coming weeks There will be an announcement on the 18th of August — by then we will know what we are releasing device wise, spec and functionality So that is not a confirmation of anything nudge, nudge, wink, wink other then on that date there will be some new devices announced and some further details of their specs, functionality and rough availability Thanks Sifu for clearing few things up Phone is on its way now so it could be in my hands by next week: I just dont understand why cant phone companies- whether its ZTE or Samsung or LG make a single version of their phone with all the bands in it?

Wouldnt it be more cost effective to make a single version rather than to have multiple ones? Before I bumped into Axon 7 I was looking at LG V10 and I had the same issues, 3 versions of phone with either of the band missing in each version.

It is a simple concept but the more bands you add the worse the RF performance or device performance as a whole. You need to look at the whole picture — the handset has to function seamlessly with the network after all.

If anything we should be reducing the bands to what are required for the carrier as this allows us to optimise the RF exactly for the bands used and improved RF can have flow on effects for the battery life etc.

According to the users, when they are driving around Australia the F has signal more then any other device they have seen. Other issues are metal bodies are tricky to do for RF performance — It gets done but adds to the cost.

Band 20 is wasted in Australia and when I travel I pick up a cheap handset and SIM in the country I visit — No roaming cost and no risk of theft or loss of my good handset that I use in Australia. So once android N is out, will an update to axon 7 be a priority for ZTE?

I would think it will be for any company releasing a Daydream compatible device. It will be the only way to get Daydream working. There is only so much you can do with Cardboard content and a VR headset after all.

Taking music listening into consideration for my next replacement of my current lg g3 so the good hifi chips in the axon had me enticed. I was just noting the massive price difference between the two handsets. It seems impossible to find in the UK, and finding band 28 versions is rare, so the price is rather silly.

Keen for one asap. Your announcement timing might turn out to be very close to the launch of the Nexus I feel like these are the two contenders vying for my upgrade from my OnePlus One this year. If all is good ill sell the galaxy note and keep this price depending!

Even the Galaxy S6 is currently costing more than Axon Though you can see the notification light sitting there in that strip. Yeah no cheaper seller will ship to Australia. Gearbest has free shipping and honors warranty claims.

Also tempted by the note 7 but love the idea of the better audio one the Axon 7. Tones of reviews out there. Marques brownlee loves the phone. As does android authority who gave it editors phone of the year away , i have yet to see a bad review for this phone.

This is a beast phone for the price. Im trying to track down on of the models with band 28 support but no lack. Hopefully the announcement Dean was alluding to on the 18th is promising. I would love it if i could just walk into HN or JB and grab one of these for sub It is between the ZTE and the oneplus 3.

I am still using my oneplus 1. It is still working perfectly. Had it just on2 years now. That will never be an issue with the OP3, as it already has official CM support. On the other hand, beautiful audio, band 28 and according to some reviews, a better screen than the OP3, are tempting.

Pretty much spot on Pumpino. Thay are my reaons for checking this phone out. I am not sure that it has band 28 Mhz support though. Even better if it has though. Luckily my need is not urgent, just, the usual impulsive desire to have new shiny toys.

My OP1 running CM13 is still a beautiful phone to use. So to have it relegated to a drawer somewhere the successor will have to be pretty great. I can wait for further details. I hope they reconsider the boot loader thing.

I mean, what does it cost them? They have the hardware. So many are so close to perfect, but not quite. It seriously ticks every other box for me well, the low-light camera performance, but that could potentially be fixed in software.

When I look at phones I tend to look at value proposition and you should note that one thing that made Nokia good at mobiles was they understood the network side too, same for Ericsson.. Two points — USA based devices promising Band 28 support should be taken with more then a grain of salt — find a shovel Also if they did send you one it would not be supported locally by anything ZTE do in Australia.

Discussion of models, features, pricing and dates is only wasting your time until then. So sit back, do some zen meditation, take some deep breaths and relax until then. Appreciate this, but still, depending on your role within the company Think of it as free market research ;.

Boot-loader unlocking announced currently USA model only, voids warranty. One more reason to choose the Axon 7 instead of another phone. Now to see what the big hooha is on the 18th One of the most competitive phones 2k No — the point of having an announcement date is to give us time to finalise what we are releasing and give you guys a date when the information will be released that you might be interested in.

According to the newegg link provided there is no Band28 listed and it is the USA market Axon 7 — Good deal if you want the headset bonus pack. And live in the USA Good luck with that — Some times the challenge of trying something like this blinds us from some very simple truths.

One important truth is the entire RF section is customised to the market the device is being released in. This comes into why the unlocked bootloader process that ZTE USA apparently has mentioned will get you to sign off and void your warranty — you take full responsibility.

Other manufacturers do the same if you request the unlocked bootloader I believe Some things like Bootloaders are difficult as it results in users, no matter how nerdy they are, risking their device when playing with their device software.

Yes you could make it better, but equally you could make a very nice brick. After all a phone no matter how expensive and feature rich should still work as a phone and Australia is the only country that has specific legal requirements for Emergency calling.

Android Police has published a review of the Axon 7: So, the Axon 7 looks epic on paper and early reviews are glowing. I want more cool handsets and competition in the local market. I want to be a fan: Band 28 is not the end of the world.

I had to use third-party apps to measure this, so your mileage may vary. Got my Axon 7 Global version Does it have band 28? It seems like it does have RGB led. The phone doesnt have many pre installed third party apps, some spanish one which i dont know what it is and dont even want to open it and accuweather.

The display is really good. To me, coming from samsung it seems like its the same brightness level. Really impressed so far I noticed that the Global version comes with only miFavor launcher. I was just on live chat with Optus tech Support.

They checked my postcode and also the 2 phones and came back with this response In the end the author recommended the op3 over the axon 7. All those problems would be fixed with software, like CyanogenMod, hence the need for an unlocked bootloader.

Band 28 is irrelevant. Igoforthrbest, thanks for the info, looking forward to your thoughts on the Android police review vs your experience with the 7 if you get a chance: Than I will decide between the one0lus 3 and the ZTE axon 7.

I thought also about the oppo find 9 range, but I heard they have some probems with Telstra sims. Not positive about that though. The OP3 does not have band 28 and so you miss out on about a third of the potential LTE frequencies of Optus for example Since about a third of all towers that Optus use provide Band Only if band 28 is the only band of 4G in your area.

Otherwise, other differences are far more important. How much RAM do you currently have? It really is a huge amount of RAM for a mobile device and a fair bit of overkill. Unless you convince me otherwise. So which apps are you using that are memory intensive, and how much RAM do you currently have in which you are seeing app slow-downs?

LeEco plans to release a phone with 8GB soon. It just bumps up the price and is hype. Can I also just point out that I feel that the review is overly dramatic about the poor side? Aside from Cnet, all of the previous reviews, including users reviews like Flossy Carter on YouTube, have said that the phone is great except for odd design choices and poorer camera.

Finger print is faster than S7 but slower and less reliable than OP3. Mi-pop is a great addition to solve the navigation button problem, and very minimal bloat ware that you can delete. The software needs a bit of work. Here is what I found so far Speaking of which, the LED turns off after 15 mins of receiving the notification so it defeats the purpose of having one anyway.

For some reason, my whatsapp notification settings are only showing ringtones. I dont have an option of going to another folder, only ringtones and music. I found the camera to be decent. Coming from Note 4 I believe its the same.

It takes a little time getting used to but I found the non lit buttons OK. I dont mind them as I get the full 5. I wouldve preferred to have the stock theme included. Dont know why only US version got it.

I havent tried band 28 yet as I dont have an optus sim. I tired CPU-Z but that doesnt show it. Some games are programmed to deal with this well, e. I can understand that it might be a lot harder to do for more "dynamic" fast action games such as MKX.

Need to make a correction.. I have not been able to turn the blue on with the LED tester app I found on the play store. If you watched the video the Oneplus 3 won 24 tests and the Axon 7 won 11 tests.

In breakdown at the end of the video the Oneplus 3 in the real world speed tests won 19 and the Axon 7 won 9. He did also test things like how hot the devices get under benchmarks and screen brightness. It could be other factors, including software.

So my pre-order for the US grey axon 7 has been processed, and I just need to pay for it now in order to get it delivered. I have up to 3 days to pay newegg to proceed. This was much sooner than expected.

Should I go through it or cancel the order and wait for the Australian announcement? You got an imported version too! Did you find any noticeable bug aside from the notification led? Do you think we can just send it to a local repairer?

The whatsapp messenger notification tones by default are set to ringtone and when I attempt to change it, it only gives me option to choose from a list of ringtones. I only can see the number.

Hopefully local repairer will accept the warranty Worst case if something goes wrong I can send the phone to my cousin in Singapore, thats where I got it from. I am waiting to see what is happening about an announcement for Aussie release next week.

I want to see what the price here will be versus the oneplus 3,before I decide which phone to buy. From a review I watched the oneplus 3 is a bit quicker than the axon 7. Then afaik the axon has better sound, which for me may be better.

If by chance it does get an aussie release and with a bit of luck , happens to also get band 28 support, I might go for the axon. Although band 28 is not a deal breaker. It will definitely be released in Australia next week with band My only concern is an unlockable bootloader.

Well I would, but personally its ones own choice I guess The phone gives me a day and a half run on a full charge which is already more than what I used to get on my Note 4. It would be interesting to know what you think about the screen in bright sun.

By any chance , have you listened to the sound through earphones and have any comment on the quality. Yes, I was out in the sun the whole day yesterday and honestly I dont know what people are complaining about The screen was visible throughout and viewing angles were good as well.

Maybe when compared to others the screen might be a bit dull but I had no issues with operating my phone in the sun. I have downloaded both flacs and mp3s and flacs sound awesome! One more thing I should mention in addition to my post above This is with making calls, sending sms, browsing, whatsapp, testing out the camera and listening to music via bluetooth while also connected to my smartwatch.

And if so, do you feel like the DAC is still making a difference even over the bluetooth connection? AKG wired and QC35 wirelessly. Now I dont know if its a placebo effect but they did sound better than on my Samsungs The screen was visible throughout.

The phone is sounding like it may be a very good choice. I will wait to see what price the aussie release comes in at and what features it has. Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions for us igoforthebest.

It is very much appreciated by myself ans I am sure , others as well. Anyone buy the black version? Buy the black version of a phone only available in gold and quartz grey with a possible silver version displayed in some pictures?

Buy the black version of a phone only available in gold and quartz grey. I am quite interested in this phone atm. It will come down to the difference in price between this and the oneplus 3 for me. From memory ,there is an announcement about an Aussie release thursday 18th.

Hopefully it is a goer. I mainly use wifi anyway. We always seem to get ripped off for prices here. It will be interesting to see the price though. I might have to see who has good prices.

Is anybody game to have a guess what price the phone might be if or when it is announced for release here? Close to the OP3 that way. I think there is supposed to be an announcement Thursday the 18th.

That price range is too reasonable considering tax and local market pricing. ZTE Axon 7 Review: The best mid-range priced smartphone yet? Nor a Galaxy S7. It will be a good thing if under that. They will need to have band 28 in there as well.

Their written review recommends the oneplus 3 over the axon 7 seems to be the stock software that lets it down: Some people it might be tolerable. That last part is just a guess. The Axon 7 is not competing with the op3 in Australia as the op3 is not sold here.

But I hope the marketing dept. The OP3 has the advantage of being out first, so its reviews tended to be written comparing it to its predecessor, or phones like the S7, or maybe the Mi5. Have you noticed that almost without fail, every Axon 7 review compares it to the OP3.

I have fast internet at home, so my mobile data needs are only as much as it takes to browse the net and stream YouTube and Spotify. Band 28 will just be a bonus. Hopefully all will be revealed tomorrow the 18th of August.

After that I will decide what I will do. If I think it is too expensive I will more than likely opt for the OP3. I am not in a great hurry. I will probably deliberate on the pros and cons of both and go from there. Keep an eye out for the post — I will hit everywhere including here with a couple of posts.

Anyone would wonder how we communicated or browsed on phones without the all magical band Anyone would wonder how we communicated or browsed on phones without the all magical 4g or the all magical 3g.

Looking forward to it. Here is some text for the announcement. You will see all the detail in the link. More will come over the coming weeks. Further information including pricing, presale date and the release date will be made public in the coming weeks.

The full specification for the device is listed on the following link. I know you will all be keen on the price but we need a couple of weeks to nail it all down and then you should be happy Plus there will be more announcements and weekly updates.

Even a couple of reviews once we finish our testing and development of our localised device. I know you will all be keen on the price but we need a couple of weeks to nail it all down and then you should be happy. I have to have either stock Android or Cyanogenmod or one of its derivatives.

Check back in a few weeks. We would of liked to release further details like the proposed price etc, but it is just too early with the channels we are work with to announce that yet. But some of your guesses are very well thought through.

At this stage this is how it is. The pictures of the device on the website that are showing the local date and time are the test device that I am using. As for our variant we have to wait and see as our priority currently is all the testing for the device which is going to keep us very busy for the next wks.

Announcement for further announcements are anti-hype. Like "we are confirming passport 2. So an article based on a press release that contained virtually no new information other than an October release timeframe.

Oh well, just helps me to save my money a bit longer: Oh, and at the risk of post spamming Is it a genuine need for some of their apps or Does their superstition go that deep? Chinese people would be doing with their phone that makes 6GB worthwhile?

S7 can be divided into different models, so it can be an American one, which may not be compatible with our network. Hold on, this is a thing? Maybe we can start making piano apps that will satisfy music producers on the go.

An on-screen buttons instead of the capacitive buttons too, I think? But someone on reddit said that Cap buttons were the biggest request in the Chinese market, reason why it was installed in the international one. ZTE does look nice but not for the same price as a more established brand with a good developer community.

I too was unaware of the other model differences though — the screen etc. I thought it was limited to the memory! Also, any other colours besides gold? Kind of like one of the other manufacturers who showed a pink version of one of their new phones which vanished as an option when they went into production.

One of the things that allow a low price is limited colour options. Having enough people buy this phone is the best encouragement for ZTE to keep down this path with more and better phones moving forward.

If it is as slippery as people say, we will probably buy a case for it, removing all reason to even care about the colour. It commands a bit of a premium for those reasons. My point was I guess, ZTE not striking sooner, while the iron is hot.

Not that the Nexuses Nexi? Handsets have a renewal cycle of about 12 months customers keep them longer, but I mean release cycles Even OP understands how things work and puts that into practice. The launch of the OP3 was actually incredibly smooth.

The phone was available, with plenty of units initially , within days of the phone being announced. Removable battery, again more modest size, but with possible bootloop problems and average battery life. Customizable, p screen but with improved battery life, most recent release but NO expandable storage.

The OP3 has the largest screen 5. You could get the Axon 7 grey import if you want, just as you would the op3 or s7. I am still tossing up between the OP3 and Axon 7 myself. I can wait awhile though.

My op1 is still going very well after a bit over 2 years. My Oneplus One speaker broken like 8months in, like I had to turn on loudspeaker to answer call otherwise the person wont hear me. Yep, this is a strong point.

I would just like to be sure that if one was to buy from newegg or amazon that the version they sell will be fine to use here. Except band 28 of course. If the camera was better and ZTE had a better track record with designing and updating OSs, it would be a clear winner.

My oneplus one was and still is very good. I am using the Virgin network Optus. The second sim will be Telstra. I may wait awhile before I decide what to do. All the waiting and anti-climactic hype announcement has actually made me a bit apathetic.

But I do love my vanilla Android. Yep , that was a pathetic announcement the other day. It almost decided me to go for the OP3 there and then. It was the kind of announcement you make when there is nothing to announce.

Yes , i agree. All that build up and then it turned to crap. To be honest ,the only reason I am still thinking about the Axon is that by all reports has awesome sound through earphones.

I use my earphones everyday for a couple of hours. Afaik it is supposed to have better sound quality through the dac than the oneplus 3. Yeah me too, headphones, iems, headset, aux cord or speakerphone all day long. Early reports are postive.

SifuDean is trying to help us out here guys He wasnt the one making the announcement. Just for the record, I am not blaming SifuDean here. No doubt he can only do or say so much, otherwise he may not have a job.

You make alot of interesting points. The weeks leading up to the release will be interesting. Actually no — Not even a consideration for us as we have a target but the issue is only one of timing — Our testing hardware arrived last week — on schedule.

The AG for Australia is on track and we came after other much larger markets announced and launched their variants. The issue here is we need to do more testing then those markets, so it takes longer. We set the 18th of August to say something as we knew we were going to have our hardware at last and would of spent a few days with it to get a feel.

Plus we had people calling, emailing, messaging and over active on forums that needed to be provided with some correct information to ensure that everyone knows the device as it actually is. While the others make a few to a dozen models a year ZTE outstrips them globally as we still do major business as an OEM which we have been doing for longer then most of the other manufacturers.

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Introducing Our Flagship Smartphone. Dual Speakers The Axon 7 has dual front-facing speakers, ensuring an amazing audio experience even without ear buds or headphones. Premium features abound View larger. Compare to similar items.

Great phone, fair price, minimal compromise. By packetrat on June 18, Style: I actually prefer it now over his pricey iPhone 7! No need to contact anyone at T-mobile, manually set APNs, etc. Some things I particularly appreciate: I did install Nova Launcher to stop Google Now from taking over my "swipe-left" home screen.

With the SD, I feel free to load up bulky media music, podcasts, audiobooks, photos, movies or TV for long flights and change those out as desired without worrying about excess wear on the internal flash, and with no dependency on a network connection or "Cloud" services.

I wish the ones we use at work for door locks were so good! Having it easy to reach on the front rather than back is worth a slightly larger bottom bezel. Photos taken in good lighting usually turn out well.

Results in dim lighting can be iffy, possibly from lack of OIS. Maybe we will get that soon. Watch a teardown video on Youtube for the harrowing details. You do need root to control that. I know others probably disagree, and might prefer a 5.

More practically, the smooth plastic rim gives less of a secure hold - I never worried about dropping the old G, but did with the G5 Plus. Fortunately, this is easily remedied with a simple, thin case like [[ASIN: If only there was something to be done about that tacky "moto" logo on the front.

Beware that the included instruction paper implies otherwise, and also shows an incorrect placement for the SIM and MicroSD card! To avoid possibly getting a card stuck inside, go by the markings on the actual SIM-tray instead. I chose the unsubsidized "Standard" version without Amazon ads, partly because root access is near the top of my requirements in a phone.

Please correct me if anyone knows otherwise. If you have the version without ads, rooting is relatively easy, though it may void the 1-year limited warranty, so take a few days first to thoroughly check for defects.

Quick app-switching is the main reason I usually keep One-Button Nav turned off and use traditional software keys. This would be useful quickly getting out of full-screen apps that make the soft-keys disappear.

Having to weaken adhesive with a heat gun, pry the screen loose without breaking its delicate cables, and essentially disassemble the entire phone just to replace its battery is a big step backwards.

By Dhornbeck on November 8, Color: Platinum Grey [Video Available] Note: I would put the ZTE Axon 7 somewhere between budget and mid-tier based on the price alone. My short answer to this question is no, the Axon 7 Mini is not the best phone for the price, but it is still a phone very worthy of your purchase.

The first one was the Moto G4 Plus. The Axon 7 Mini is a decent performer, but you will experience some minor lag from time to time, and if you are used to a high end phone, this may bug you.

The occasional slowness is certainly not a deal breaker by any means, but just be aware that it will be there. Again, I think that the UI is partially to blame here, but the battery size is also a culprit. The good news is that the Axon 7 Mini is a Qualcomm 2.

Personally I am a very heavy user of my phone, and I generally keep all of my antennas on and working non-stop, but I always had to give the phone a quick charge in the evening after work to get through a full day.

The camera is good, but does not compete with the quality or quickness of cameras on the high end phones like the S7, LG V20, or the iPhone 7. The 16mp camera on the Mini takes good pictures in good lighting, but the slowness will be evident here.

In less than optimal lighting the picture quality will be grainy and lack detail. For a detailed look at the software please check out my video. In addition to these things, for me the size of the phone is a very comfortable size to hold in my hand and keep in my pocket.

This has a 5. For me the biggest selling point of this phone is easily the hardware! Is this the best phone you can get at this price point, no, but it is still a good phone. I still think the G4 Plus is my favorite mid-tier phone for With that said, there is a lot going for the Axon 7 Mini, and if you want a smaller phone with good overall performance and a beautiful build, then I would say the Axon 7 Mini is a buy for you.

Midnight Black Verified Purchase Seller did not list enough spec information on amazon store. To save you some trouble, here I will list it for you. Honor 8 only supports 9V2A charging when used with the factory-provided charger.

Charging time may vary depending on the charger used, battery level at the time of charging and the ambient conditions. Honor next budget friendly phone. How does is it compare to the 5x? By Bbta on January 14, Color: Gray Verified Purchase Update: I am changing the review to 5 stars.

After few more days of use: Metal design and fingerprint sensor where rarely seen on any phone with close price tag at that time, are becoming more and more standard now. That being said that device had some shortfalls.

Today we look at the true successor of the Honor 5x with similar price tag. How did the devices rank against each other? Accessories much easier to find for 5x but 6x is just launched so I am sure it will catch up.

Not much to talk about here. Design Both are gorgeous. I had the gold Honor 5x and now compared to the gray Honor 6x, they both look way much more premium than their price tag. That being said the Honor 6x is more round around the edges, has more mate finish on the back both has aluminum body and feels more comfortable to hold.

Honor did improve the design but not much. Honor 6x still is marginally better. On paper, the Kirin outperforms the Snapdragon it is actually more in line with Snapdragon This is confirmed by multiple benchmark tests although I will not bore you with the details easily obtainable by googling both processors.

Kirin also seems more power efficient thanks to the more semiconductor size 28 nm vs 16 nm which should translate into more less heat generation as well. How did this translate into real life performance?

Both devices perform well for everyday use. The 6x seems to handle this much better. The lag is almost non-existent and apps open up quickly even google maps! Is it the new processor? Is the extra RAM? Being an in house chipset optimized more to work with the user interface?

Or is it simply that devices become slower with time and the 6x will follow lead? Could be any of those, but for the time being I have to go with the 6x as a winner! The Mali TMP2 is not as much. They both seem to handle things comparably now but will see how the Mali handles games released a year or two from now.

Screen Both are gorgeous. Is this the best screen around? However, for the price range they may be the best you can get and it looks amazing for watching a movie or displaying pictures. Given the slightly higher price tag for he 6x, I would say this is a tie.

Camera Both perform adequately. Both are poor in low light situations. Both will take OK pictures. Did the two lens format in the 6x make a huge difference? In my personal opinion, no. The second Camera is not a monochrome camera like you see in pricier phones, and mostly functions to give that nice background blurring but not much more.

Offers easy bubble-free installation and is made anti-fingerprint. The package comes with screen protector, cleaning wipe, smoothing card, wet pad, dust remover, guide stickers and installation instructions.

This is an anti-reflective screen defender by Upscreen that maintains the original resolution of your device and disperses all the light that gets reflected off the screen for damaging your eyes.

It is multi-touch optimized and ensures that your screen is protected from scratches, abrasions, etc. Note that the film is deliberately cut smaller than the original screen to ensure case compatibility and prevent edge chipping.

The high-quality adhesive allow for an easy install. Are you annoyed of the continuous scratches from keys, coins or other incisive objects when you place your phone in your pocket? The ultra-thin defender adds no bulk to your phone, and the silicone adhesives allow for an easy, error proof and bubble free display.

Note that the film is deliberately cut smaller than the defender to make it case compatible and prevent chipping of edges. Made exclusively for ZTE Axon 7s, this is an extremely scratch and abrasion resistant screen defender by Brotect.

The unit offers excellent defense against scratches, scrapes, high and low impact drops, shocks, dust and debris accumulation. Сотовые телефоны и смартфоны Запчасти для сотовых телефонов и смартфонов Другие сотовые телефоны и аксессуары Аксессуары для смарт-часов Видеоигры и приставки 2, Компьютеры, планшеты и периферия 1, Бизнес и промышленность Видео и фототехника Одежда, обувь и аксессуары Дом и сад Предметы для коллекций Features показать все Features.

Storage Capacity показать все Storage Capacity. Processor показать все Processor. Color показать все Color.

When the ZTE Axon 7 first arrived on the market, most of the big case manufacturers ignored it. The good news is that things have changed, with brands like Poetic getting onboard. Our first pick comes from ZTE themselves.

This folio case wraps around the entire body with a small window for viewing the screen. The case also has side grips that help it feel much better in the hand, while also reducing the chances of drops. A raised bevel on the corner also creates an extra layer of protection against shock and impact.

Lastly, all the phones ports have a special cover that helps prevent dust from getting into the phone. It sits at just a mere dollar cheaper than the Townshop, but offers all of the same features. Qualcomm Quick Charge 3. The AXON 7 cameras have also gained a lot of interest and discussion.

The front facing camera for selfies is 8MPixel and supports P recording. It supports a range of still and motion capture modes including Starlight, Slo Mo and upto 4k video recording. The instructions are on the "Firmware" tab above.

You can use this package to cover the cost of replacing your device should you ever damage the handset physically as in a smashed display or damaged ports which are normally not covered by warranty.

This package gives you protection to the value shown for your device until either the end of your 2 year warranty period or the package is used up. When you need to make a claim and get your device replaced, just need to contact our support team via email support zte.

Also, if you use your complimentary package you can contact our support team for details on how to top up your coverage package to provide ongoing protection for the remainder of your warranty period. This is not a Glass product.

Rock out to your favorite tunes with Bluetooth speakers in your living room. Simply activate the Bluetooth on your device and music fills the room. Even take the speakers outside for fun in the sun. Just keep your gadget away from any water!

No one likes a dead gadget on the road. Apple iPhone X - Lightning Shield 0. WonderTech R Nebula 2.

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