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ZTE - the popular brand of China, has recently launched its flagship phablet, dubbed as ZTE Axon in U.S.A. for US $ Now, its international variant, the ZTE Axon. ZTE Axon Elite is a brand new " screen smartphone with 4G, dual sim ZTE Axon Elite International Edition Android 4G Phablet ″ review. V ZTE Axon Elite 4G International Edition Phablet Giveaway!:V Big Smartphone Giveaway in November! Are you excited? ZTE Axon Elite 4G International.

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The THL's zte have 4G at the time, nearly 12 months ago. The edition shortcomings of this international, is, no notification LED, and a speaker which phablet loud, axon not bassy, but otherwise quite OK. Just popping in to say that i have the Elephone p with this ROM http: Car stereo, speakers, etc. By nnbb at 5: If 'cost' was the top and major consideration I would have gone down the M track. The front camera on the phone is 8MP.
ZTE - the popular brand of China, has recently launched its flagship phablet, dubbed as ZTE Axon in U.S.A. for US $ Now, its international variant, the ZTE Axon. ZTE Axon Elite is a brand new " screen smartphone with 4G, dual sim ZTE Axon Elite International Edition Android 4G Phablet ″ review. V ZTE Axon Elite 4G International Edition Phablet Giveaway!:V Big Smartphone Giveaway in November! Are you excited? ZTE Axon Elite 4G International.

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zte axon elite international edition android 4g phablet inch screen qualcomm snapdragon 64bit octa core 3gb ram 32gb rom 13mp + .
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I just finished speaking to Telstra LiveChat about this. From what I can tell: the international calling pack is NOT included. It's an extra $10 per month.
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ZTE Axon Elite is a brand new " screen smartphone with 4G, dual sim ZTE Axon Elite International Edition Android 4G Phablet ″ review.
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V ZTE Axon Elite 4G International Edition Phablet Giveaway!:V Big Smartphone Giveaway in November! Are you excited? ZTE Axon Elite 4G International.

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It's not a tough one — it's impossible. Order was shipped within 24 hours but I got typical Chinese store shipping service that says days and they provided a shipping number that doesn't work so you have to email them to get your shipping updates lol. A mAh non-removable battery is present on the phone which powers it all day. The exact delivery time depends on the shipping method you choose. The conclusion was, the speaker could not produce bass. Cover in TPU Nera

The phone reads fingerprints, scans eyes, or recognizes your voice to unlock itself. The fingerprint sensor sits below the camera lens on the back of the phone, making it very easy to access. The fingerprint sensor is excellent , while the other two methods are not really reliable.

Dual camera allows to create beautiful bokeh shots that are normally only possible with a DSLR. You just need to activate the mode, tap to take a photo, and then adjust the depth of field focus during editing.

You can save multiple versions of the same photo. On other phones sometimes it gets rather hot,but ZTE studied a cooling system that allows the phone to keep running at a normal temperature. They just changed part of the body with new heat sinks that provide effective cooling for the hot chip.

This is the international edition, so it has many languages, English, French, Italian, Spanish, German atc. This smartphone has a large 5. If you have 2 simcards with 2 operators, you can use both in the same time, one of wich in LTE for super fast network!

It has adjustable aperture from f1. Dual camera allows ultrafast autofocus. They can record 4k videos. You can playback videos, zoom pictures, play racing games, fast and with great performances see the video below.

A very useful feature is the Flash Charge, in 5 minutes charghing you get power for a 2-hour long call. The design is clear and good looking. Perfect blend of smoothness and strenght in a dazzling body curve for a perfect grip.

It uses the fingerprint technology , the gateway to internet of things. Everbuying Octacore phone Phablet Smartphone. RC deals Gearbest for every age. Please give us your feedback about this page Click Here. Due to possible delay of exchange rate update, price in various currencies is for reference only.

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The total price will depend on the final product features you select. There are already a number of imitations just like our good phones. The high quality of mobilephone is guaranteed pre-sale, and worry-free technical support and after-sales service are provided to you.

As there is perfectly reception, phone android could never embarrass you a great deal by its strength signal. Please check out DHgate. Item specifics Operation System:

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Any alterations such as upgrades or flashing a newer version will void the warranty. Grab your copy now. Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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You place the order, and give LiveChat your order number. And they will adjust the monthly billing amount. So they said the extra data continues after the 12 month contract. Anyone success in gaining this for a ported service?

Does it make a better value? Just rejected via live chat for this deal for single port from Optus. I guess they do not want new customers just maintain existing. I've just signed up today to a Telstra plan - but I think the guy was in the cancellations team since I was actually calling to change over my NBN but he provided me with a decent deal there too -i.

Ported from Vodafail after having my number with Orange, 3 then Vodafail. I tried calling them and told them your story and they told me no such plan as that was probably because you're an existing customer. Do you have a name or any proof so I can sign up to to the same deal please.

Here's a link that should be able to get you the deal as posted by the OP You need to supply a pre-paid phone number Telstra, Voda, Optus etc. Hi, to all those that have asked above - now that I have the phone up and running and can see my usage I guess it's safe to put it on here i.

I don't have his number apart from the get back in touch with me link but even that didn't get him on the phone - got some other person but know that I initially was connected to him through the broadband disconnections team.

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More info at Telstra.

It's loud, but very tinny. That wouldn't bother me, as long as voice audio ie, listening to a caller on hands-free isn't going to be too nerve shattering 'tinny'. Anything in particular about the P that impresses you or you feel they could have done better?

I looked at the p and it's fairly impressive. You're all going to roll your eyes, but I keep going back to the redmi note 3 pro! The reason is the battery. We're travelling nz at the moment and we went for a 1.

Both of us didn't use GPS or hardly used our phones. We both are using local sim cards so no roaming. Either my phones needs a reset or I dont know. I have a note 5. If the camera or flashing ROMs are important to you, give it a miss.

I originally had the Redmi Note 3 MediaTek and the camera was acceptable. More recently, I had the Pro Snapdragon and despite it having more MPs, the camera was terrible for me. I think it's a good phone if you like MIUI and don't plan to use the camera.

If you can wait until August, you'll be able to grab the Asus ZenFone 3, which has a Snapdragon processor, beautiful build quality and band 28 MHz support. I've been looking at 5. The Umi Super looked great until I visited the forums and found that the camera is appalling and people are experiencing GPS issues.

It's so had to find something that ticks all the boxes. The P is impressive simply because of its feature list. Only issues I have with the phone now is camera under exposes and the speaker is tinny. But it's loud and perfectly fine for loud speaker conversations.

Actual ear piece quality is great. If you can wait until August, you'll be able to grab the Asus ZenFone 3. When you run a Speedtest, what speeds are you getting with the new phone? Haven't got the phone yet lad so I dunno! I'm the same but, as long as I can get enough to browse web pages, load fb etc i'm happy.

From memory the Mhz 4G band is only for deep wall penetration assistance anyway. That's the one brother! Will be keen to see what you think of it when you get it man. How are Bangood for delivery etc to Australia?

The Vivo X7 is looking interesting with a Snapdragon However, it's been pointed out to me that all Vivo phones are ridiculously priced. I thought it was only their flagships, but the X6 with an old MediaTek processor stills costs too much.

For example in US dollars: Agree those Vivo prices appear crazy.. If it's not signiicantly cheaper than oneplus3 I can't see it selling. What I would love is a 5. Aside from the expensive OnePlus 3 and reasonably priced ZenFone 3 , there are very few options.

I'm not responsible for any of your purchases, please confirm specifications with seller etc etc that was just the first link that came up on ebay search. Asus Zenfone 2 Not a bad find — albeit nearing 12 mths old, with a weird Intel chip and a reportedly bad camera Also the old Huawei Honor6.

Xiaomi Mi 5 fits the bill: Sorry, but that's the best I could find. I am waiting for RedMi Note3 to restock. It has been quite some time since it runs out of stocks. Just noticed this 5. Man I'm so much more excited to receive this phone now knowing that there is a super stable brand of custom CM being made for it.

Good old Snapdragon making it easy for developers: I've never ordered from them before but they seem okay so far. Order was shipped within 24 hours but I got typical Chinese store shipping service that says days and they provided a shipping number that doesn't work so you have to email them to get your shipping updates lol.

We both must say, it is the thinnest phone we have seen. Thinner seemingly than a Galaxy 7 and it looks great, more so than videos indicate. It is also very light, but the battery is amazingly long lasting.

It is very quick in everything it does, and has been playing complex games via WiFi without the WiFi dropping out, and it did not at any time heat up. The phone didn't miss a beat on the most complex of games.

There are screenfulls of ring tones, most I had never come across on any of the Chinese phones I have had. Nice and comfortable to hold, the gorilla glass screen has a protective coating designed to resist fingerprint smears. As you know it has an excellent 13MP camera which takes great photos and videos, with stabilisation, — but isn't good for night photography.

The fingerprint scanner hasn't been set up yet, but we expect it will be efficient, as entries will be made for "three persons" using the same finger, rolled around not just dabbed as on videos.

That is how I improved the performance of my Doogee F5. The only shortcomings of this phone, is, no notification LED, and a speaker which though loud, is not bassy, but otherwise quite OK. Is the HTC 10 one of my only options at the moment?

I was running Exodus on my Oneplus One for a while. Was pretty good, so you should be happy with it. I switched to Sultan's CM for it's promised better battery life, which never originated although maybe the battery is wearing out at the same rate the rom changes gave me better efficiency Well i had it , sold it within 2 days, still keep going back to the LG G2, best phone you can buy for the money and awesome rom support!

This article about cheap phones is interesting. It probably makes sense to stick with last year's flagships. The THL's didn't have 4G at the time, nearly 12 months ago. These have been fantastic, and never missed a beat.

We really put them through their paces. We are with Boost, but looking to going to Aldi. Worst phones we've ever had. I guess with the Chinese phones, you get to own a phone that works great for basic everyday tasks and most have dual SIM ability as well.

The more expensive ones tend to have better after sales support, software updates, and better camera. Even though the price is usually 5 or more times more expensive then cheapo Chinese Not including Huawei Oppo etc expensive Chinese , you still can't get the things mentioned even if you buy 5 cheapos.

Plus the Chinese phones can never have full support for the networks here excluding Taiwanese owned brands like Infocus. Which is why I'll continue using an expensive phone as my main phone, with a cheapo phone as backup. I was looking at this UMI Super 5.

I wouldn't find no AU plug a problem, is delivery the standard free one or are you spending more for expediated shipping. Visit the Umi forum first. The camera is appalling and there are GPS issues. Then you're left with an expensive paper weight.

Damn shame as it otherwise looked like a great phone ex NFC. Poor GPS is back to Mediatek dark old days. That's got better specs and it having the Snapdragon processor means it'll likely have custom ROMs available.

The hardware is good on their phones but the interface is terrible. Unlike with Xiaomi phones, you'll have no issue with unlocking the bootloader. Umi is excellent with its online marketing, however it has a shocking reputation.

It really looked like a great midrange offering on paper. I'm started to lean towards the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro. It's a great phone, apart from the camera. The camera is very poor. Also, MIUI is an acquired taste. However, it is fast, has an excellent screen, and the battery is amazing.

Yeah, I had the Le 1. The build quality was amazing. I really didn't like the interface and the camera produced washed out pics. I think the camera is better on other models though. Cool, I'm confused as to size on the Pro.

I did some extensive browsing before buying my new Chinadroid and decided to go with this. There are a plethora of Custom ROMs available. Nexus ports, CM This is the phone to get at the moment guys.

My Xiaomi Mi5 arrived last night ordered on Tuesday. Can't believe how fast it is was previously using an iphone 6. Everything is just quick and the build quality is great as is MiUI. Really surprised that no one is mentioning the Elephone P It has NFC Wireless and quick charge, small bezels, fantastic display and battery life.

Initial issues with WiFi and camera have been ironed out through constant updates I actually sold my S7 Edge and use the Elephone as my daily. The S7 was nice don't get me wrong, but the P does the job very well.

Don't have any issues using it day to day. GPS works great as well. Worst case scenario just install Google Now launcher and you've got yourself a pure Android device. Never had an issue with them and the postage is a bit faster.

Just need a cheap backup 'phone', mainly for internet browsing, music gym , and to pop a local SIM card into when traveling overseas. Another good shop is Tomtop. Choose DHL shipping they ship really quick. Ordered from Hong Kong Dreami on Aliexpress.

Risked Aliexpress as cashrewards has 7. Phone works perfectly and is stupidly fast. Came with the global dev rom installed and all Google apps. There is a reason the Mi5 is the most popular phone in China so it cant be all bad in fact so far it is by far the best phone I have owned.

I'm glad things are improving with your P I'd be happier going with a MediaTek processor if it was at least the X20, but it's a massive bonus that it comes with stock Android. The P10 is surprisingly quick.

I don't feel any noticeable performance difference between the P and say the Snapdragon Feels faster than the There has been another update released that I haven't installed yet, not sure if that's improved it more. Zuk Z2 and Zuk Z2 Pro added to etotalk.

Descriptions appear the same despite the large price difference. How long does it normally take Bang Good to dispatch an order? Do they use DHL? I need a seller that ships promptly if I'm going to continue experimenting with cheap phones.

I've only ever bought cheap stuff with free shipping from them. I like banggood's honesty. The One-Armed Man writes My Cubot Nore S arrived yesterday after ordering a month ago from Everbuying. So far an excellent phone with great screen.

Nice clear soft plastic phone case came with the phone also. Have bought a number of things and generally get deliries within the week of purchasing them, when shipping with DHL. Doesn't get any better than that from China.

As I liked the Vernee Thor's thinness, and the comfort of it in the hand, and that it is virtually indestructible, I bought another, for myself. I could easily have bought a UMI Touch etc, but did not want the weight of a brick in my shirt pocket.

All the medium price range phones, especially those of 5. My recently bought Doogee F5 weighs grams, and to me seems heavy, and at 5. Now some of the recent phones weigh grams. Such weight takes the pleasure out of using a phone.

In this case from Gearbest again. Ive used quite a few Chinese android phones so far and ive had no problems in terms of cellular connectivity. That being said you need to be informed and do your own research when it comes to these phone as the Frequency bands are not consistent on them.

I decided to get it to use as a backup phone, until I decide on a more expensive workhorse phone. However the OP3 is quite expensive in relation to most other Chinese smartphones. So what you guys think between my choices?

One must be conscious that when you pre-order a new release phone, — it is likely the phone will be released without some of the promised features, e. Also some phone reviews suggest that some phones operating on Android 5.

But it might not happen. So, be careful before committing your dollars to a phone without there being some reviews of it on YouTube and noting it does have the features you want. Have you considered the Le 1 Pro?

The default interface is pretty poor. Unfortunately, I've been unable to find reputable sites that review either versions including the camera. I bought an Lenovo KT from China. More trouble than the saving was worth.

But all of them gold or some other fancy finish. I just want the grey. But I suspect they don't make it in the 4gb version? Happy to only have 64gb storage. Ordered an Android Box on Friday afternoon- arrived Monday morning!

I can also vouch for Hong Kong Dreami on Aliexpress. Ordered on Tuesday last week and phone delivered on Thursday. Good seller and communication. I may be incorrect about this, but I think 4gb ram is only available on the top priced gb sd version and 64gb versions only have 3gb ram.

Grey in all versions seems to be out of stock everywhere at present. Hi all, I bought a new Mi4 from a local place here in Adelaide last week but have since received another phone from work so I'm wanting to sell the Mi4.

I have a question though, the phone has Google Play store installed so I believe the place that sold it to me made changes to the phone and did this themselves. I'm fine with this as I would've tried to do it anyway, but now I'm wondering if I factory reset the phone in order to sell it, will it revert back to the Chinese 'version' of the phone and lose Google play etc?

It might revert back to Chinese as the default language but that's the first option to set on a new phone, so shouldn't be too hard to navigate. Google Play is installed at a system level which is untouchable by Factory Reset, so it wont lose that.

The LeEco Le2 has been available for a little while. The X20 is very powerful. Interestingly, the Le2 appears to produce superior photos to the Le2 Pro. It would be interesting to know how it compares with the camera on the Le1 Pro.

Rose gold, which is slightly less painful than gold. When I had a silver le1, the front top and bottom were white for the antennas, and it looked terrible. At least they give you gold plastic on the rose gold models.

If this website is to be believed. Looks like it is only 2G on sim 2 http: If I had that kind of money to spend on a phone, I would be looking for top models of Samsung, LG or Xperia, as the latest models of these phones are superior to Chinese phones.

How many have 4 XHD and only about 1 or 2 have laser focusing cameras, but are producing under exposed photos. My Doogee F5 bought in the last quarter of last year now has a fingerprint scanner that doesn't work, and won't register new prints.

It never was very reliable right from the start. I hope the Vernee Thor fingerprint is better. Ordered on Saturday from Gearbest, it is already on it's way. I would suggest canceling the order and looking elsewhere. Vickmall has a reputation for prompt delivery using free shipping — maybe only two weeks can take longer though if you wished to wait.

Phones with some global roms may have it. Some phones are bastardised original roms and can cause havic as in Mi3. And if you can't change to a genuine MIUI rom it's likely a fake. Resetting it may remove Gapps but are you aware there are 2 partions and there may be a second rom in there.

If the phone had the original Chinese non global rom google will most likely go. Weirdest China phone ive seen so far Isn't that going to be so annoying, holding the phone upto your eye to unlock? Fingerprint is perfect already Touch Screen Phone Brand: Deca-core, bit CPU Models: I wouldn't worry about the no Paypal thing.

Credit card companies and banks offer better protection these days than Paypal. I tried to get my money back through Paypal on an Elephone P and they basically said 'not my problem, it's a warranty issue' and closed the claim, despite the seller not responding to emails or the manufacturer claiming it wasn't their problem either.

So yeah, no Paypal no problem. It's true that PayPal can't help in every case. However, the Refunded Returns Service is very useful if a defective item needs to be sent back to China or other places. That's the only thing they did to help — meanwhile i'm still out of pocket for the Elephone, and had to buy something else in the meantime.

Iris scanning for unlock?.. Great 4G frequency specs — good for US. Old USb connector and no fingerprint scanner is a surprise. I'm sorry to hear about the bad experience you've had. I don't know which seller you used, but some are definitely to be avoided.

Currently dealing with Gearbest after-sales support. Something very obvious, but did you check whether the battery contacts are covered with sellotape? Blackview BV looks pretty nice, but 4. Nope, I didn't check that.

Wasn't going to use it as a "phone" until I traveled, so didn't need to remove the back. The black view phone above is one of the few Chinese android waterproof phones that run android 6. I am very impressed with the sensitivity of the fingerprint scanner.

I made 2 entries for the same finger, which makes it more effective. Like the Doogee, after the first daily reboot, it seems to want you to use the keypad numeric backup, but after that it is virtually instant, and requires no pressure.

The audio is fine, and can go quite loud without distortion, and the screen resolution seems just as good FHD. For such an inexpensive phone, we are very impressed, as are the GearBest buyers, who rated it with all 5's for every category of satisfaction.

I have no idea what Telstra's frequencies are. I have had the good fortune of never having been on Telstra. It's similar to I have never owned a Holden. If you search Vernee Thor, you will no doubt find out exactly what frequencies the phone covers.

Then search Telstra frequencies to compare. My THL t6s is beginning to do a few strange things so I am after a new phone. Netwok compatibility for any phone can be checked on http: MIUI is fine really, even more so if you swap the launcher.

Some sellers are known to install their own variant of the software which is hard to get rid of so it's good to know this store is doing the right thing. The Infocus M has been discussed previosly in this thread and has been reported as having lte band 28 can check this on willmyphonework.

Thanks okisan and kusala. Great advice there and much appreciated. The link provided by okisan to aliexpress showed the Note 3 was available from them with the Global ROM installed. Kusala, I had come across the M in my investigation as well.

If 'cost' was the top and major consideration I would have gone down the M track. I have now had a couple of lower end cost phones and had some hassles with space on both of them. No Paypal at Aliexpress is a bit of a bummer but I do have a card I use expressly for online purchases.

Has better graphics chip Only a little bit more otherwise appear near identical. Edit — does appear antutu scores are higher 42k v 35k www. I'm using the Redmi Note 3 Pro so can vouch for that.

The thing is with cheap Chinese android phones most of the time you get what you pay for. The Xiaomi devices do tend to be head and shoulders above everyone else in regards to quality. They're still ridiculously cheap by comparison so I don't bother looking elsewhere when in need of a cheap device.

It becomes a bit confusing with so many variants of the Redmi 3. However, as you say, the S has a more powerful gpu — on AliExpress, it is usd 20 more than the Pro. If you have Antutu installed on your phone, there are some interesting stats to see in the bottom info link — best performing chipsets, best selling phones in different countries etc.

Xiaomi does very well in Asia. I would doubt that he really is an Authorised store, and the fact store is only a month old would be cautious and go with established stores with long term asscociation with Xiaomi. Has anyone bought a phone from this online store and if so what was your experience like with them?

It's guess work with most sellers, but at least they've actually made a point of explaining the difference between the ROMs that get provided, and allowed you the choice up front. There aren't many that will do this and even less that will follow through.

That said I've never used them, but I'd have no reservations in doing so. Vernee Thor owners — There was a second wireless system update, that addressed about 6 issues to do with the proximity sensor in daylight, and WiFi connection, etc.

Hadn't noticed any problem whatsoever, but nice to know Vernee are continuing to improve the software. I noticed this phone does not have "double" tap to awaken it, — though I don't know if that is a marshmallow thing.

But, so quick to press the light press power button to awaken it. Discovered it has a fast boot option, and bootup is almost instant. And when booting up, the power button only needs a quick press, unlike some phones which needs a long press to get the screen to light up.

Of all the Chinese phones I have had starting with a THL which was all the talk on this forum years ago, this is the one I like the best. It is just a delight! Are you with Optus or Vodafone?

But of all the Chinese phones I have had, I never worried much about frequencies. If their specs showed a good range of frequencies, that was good enough for me. Every phone worked well on Optus, but apparently as you state, the frequency for Telstra is not present on some phones.

Worth mentioning also that there are quite a few decent ROMs out for it too. Cuoco92 supports it, unofficial CM Reviews are all around 8. Mine will be here in a few days if you'd like to PM me a reminder and I'll give you a few first impressions.

Thanks rpalmer, I saw the message before I saw your post and followed the link to the site above. I got heaps of 'watch out be careful' from my web browser when I checked the Kimovil website. But I see they do Paypal so that certainly does ensure some covering of the my lower back!

GizChina is always releasing sponsored posts written by Umi, and even they were critical of its yellow display and its significant weight. A better option with similar specs might be http: But double the storage but minus the finger reader.

Wonder how the camera and battery life compares though. Have had my Cubot Note S for a few days now. My first ever Chinese phone. First impressions — really quite pleased. Build quality superior to what I imagined.

Nice solid feel, slim considering the huge battery, no loose buttons volume rocker as I've seen on some YT reviews of cheaper phones. Came fitted with a screen protector and in a case too — nice bonus. Close to stock Android 5.

Wifi performance is superior to my Motorola G3, which has had some problems Instagram in my house. Battery claims to be a whopping mAh, but my Motorola wins in this department. I can't seen to change the lock-screen image though, even after Googling for solutions!!

Try doing it from the default launcher. So exit Nova and do it from Cubot's launcher. Then go back to Nova — that should work. Had the same issue on an Elephone. You'll be fine using Kimovil bro. They aren't the ones selling it, they just index all the sites and prices and shit and provide a product page with links to where to buy it: All of the sites they link are trusted sellers and buying sites.

I've used most of them. Married to Christ writes The camera actually has top notch reviews. It looks to be right up there with some of the best stock phone cameras. However after lodging a ticket yesterday I am advised: Dear Compfused , We wish to take this opportunity to apologize for inconvenience that has been caused.

About your order, I am sorry to tell you that as the phone is a hot sale product and for the large quantity, the manufacturer does not supply on time, then the shipment for it is delayed. We are extremely sorry that we can't confirm the product arrival date, but we will urge the supplier to send them to us as soon as possible.

Hope you can understand. In this case, we can offer you 3 options: If there is any price difference with the original item, we will either refund it to you on your gearbest Wallet or send you an invoice to pay for it.

However after lodging a ticket yesterday I am advised Did you order the 4gb gb version? This appears to be out of stock everywhere. Gearbest has a mixed reputation — quick delivery with using expedited shipping, but also takes orders for out of stock items without informing customers.

With some sellers it is useful to double check that an item is in stock before purchasing. If wish decide to cancel your Gearbest order, a couple of good options for the 3gb 64 gb version are. I refer to the audio of the Vernee Thor.

In one YouTube review, it was stated and shown in a music video, that a bass guitar could not be heard. The conclusion was, the speaker could not produce bass. Today, I tested YouTube videos of double basses and electric bass guitars, and the Thor plays them just fine, and doesn't even distort at full volume.

There are many good phones in that price range — though hardly any with nfc and cameras are good-okay, but less so in low light conditions. Gearbest has a mixed reputation And thanks for the links. Not sure if I'll call for a refund or wait a bit longer.

Am waiting on the 64Gb option. I bought 3 phones from them recently, and they seem to be as good as Chinavasion, shipping the next day. But you might be right in that they take payment for out of stock goods.

But do any of these suppliers actually keep stock, or do they just order it in from nearby manufacturers? I think with some of the lesser known companies, probably the latter. Looking for a phone for daughter must work telstra or Vodafone android 5.

We're not tech enough to root so something that gets updates would be brilliant. Asking a lot I know. It doesn't support 3G or , so it's useless here. There'd be no calls on Telstra, and Optus and Vodafone would be limited to MHz, which is no good inside buildings.

Any recommendations on a Chinese phone with QHD 5. Am just looking for something to run full time in VR headset so doesnt need to match our frequencies or have a good camera etc. Pepsi phone looks alright. I had a look into it.

Looks like it is a crowd funded phone. Thinking of getting one for the ohh ahh factor lol specs don't look too bad either. Did you see my post above? According to the bands listed in the Ozbargin link, it won't work in Australia.

The camera is very good. It snaps and moves to gallery instantly. Like faster than iPhone. Haven't really tested in low light yet but seems okay from just going into my store room and checking under low light.

The camera is known as one of the strong points in reviews. Got it from Banggood. Delivery took about 15 business days. I'd recommend getting a faster delivery method I'm super impatient though. What's the sound like dude, as far as volume and quality?

Not a fan of the HTC 10s lack of loudness. I was tossing up between the redmi 3 and infocus m Was going to go with redmi since it is popular, well-known, etc. So decision changed thanks to this thread! Just ordered the m Is this really a problem?

Battery should be sweet for years and by then you'll have upgraded. Agreed, the only time I like a removable battery is to remove it to completely power off a phone if it locks up. Haven't needed to do that with any phone in the last few years though.

Handy all the same but can live without it. Exactly the same situation with my Vernee Thor. The fingerprint scanner initially worked OK, became more iffy, and now does not work at all. The scanner goes through the motions of scanning, but no longer registers fingerprints.

According to their forum, others but not all are having similar issues, and Vernee will issue another wireless update asap to solve this and other issues some are experiencing. Hi all, looking to upgrade my father in law's phone.

He is currently using a note 4 edge. He mainly uses the phone for youtube, news and camera How does the recent bunch of the larger screened chinese phones compare to an oldie like the Note 4?

Price is not that much of an issue however I do feel like some of the premium features of the Note like the pen, SD card and curved screen is wasted on him Is there even such a thing? If its a Note 4 or a Note Edge, why would you even need to "upgrade" if he's just using Youtube, News and camera?

It is a 2yo phone so looking for better camera, better battery and faster processor I guess. Anyone know out of curiosity how long it takes DHL tracking to go live? I got the number, but nothing showing up as of yet.

I think normally tracking dosn't get recorded until the parcel is actually picked up from the supplier. The fact that you have the tracking number dosn't mean its on its way, it just means that the supplier has allocated it a DHL number.

They will notify DHL when the shipment is ready to be picked up times can vary If u r in Oz, it then takes 2 to 3 days to mainland capitals and suburbs from Asia. This likely means they're not based in Hong Kong, and it's currently onboard with a chinese courier company.

Once it hits HK and is scanned you'll see updates — this is perfectly normal. Phone's already been processed in HK, so maybe I will get it tomorrow. I did pay for DHL Expedited: The fingerprint scanner initially worked.

Vernee contacted me saying they had sent out 3 wireless updates, and seem stumped as how to solve the fingerprint issue many are having. They were also caught out by a member of the Vernee forum, who verified by contacting Corning, that the screen is not Gorilla glass.

Yet the first pillar of the Vernee website, is "Honesty". How about the "Vernee Thor Violent Test" video! We had better not crack walnuts open with the screen!!! Or drop it on cement from 2 metres, or run over the phone with a car.

The phone has an alternate security feature which is facial recognition may be a standard Android 6 feature. Anyhow, I set it up, and was surprised it took only 1 image. So, now the power button is pressed lightly, the "messages" on the screen flicked up and the phone opens instantly, and I mean instantly.

I can't fathom how it can scan and match in a fraction of a second. Aren't all mobile phones Chinese made? I'd never heard of the actual manufacturer before but they'd be one of the places that makes phones and other electronics for a myriad of '1st world' brands like Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Sony, Motorola, etc.

Rpalmer92, can you provide your opinion on the rom the phone came with, and which Exodus rom did you flash to? Waiting for mine to arrive. Same thing happened happened with the Doogee F5. But at least when questioned by a would be buyer, they admitted, "Does not support Gorilla glass".

But all of their advertising and all the reviews, suggested the phone would come with Gorilla Glass. Apparently the Vernee may also not have the fingerprint resistant coating on the screen it was supposed to have.

I have to say the lightest wipe with a microfibre cloth totally cleanse it. You are suggesting that you might not end up with what you were told you would be getting, — and you are right! That also happened with my UMI Cross.

Wa supposed to have NFC, but came without it. Later models of the same phone got it. Part of the reason why i never jump on a new phone, unless i can play with it physically first. Obviously more relevant with Chinese phones from lesser known companies.

This one looks OK minus MHz:. In this thread, there are individuals who have purchased the phone, so to clarify it is best check to their posts. See this post, below. Others such as above have found alternate references to the mhz, and if you search this thread I think some people even confirmed it after getting one my recollection could be off, but it shouldn't take you too long to find.

Was on a special although I suspect I might receive a knockoff product? Pandawill has a poor reputation but hopefully it works out. Yeah they always say that about all the Chinese phones. I've even had clone phones that work in Australia.

No issues so far. No NFC and not a looker but very decent for the price. Good for US bands and has Band 8 which will become more important in Australia as 2g is cutoff but no Band I think that actually came from modified firmware that sellers were installing http: I just placed order for the Vernee Apollo lite smartphone from everbuying.

At half the price of a Oneplus 3 2gb less ram mindyou it was way too tempting. Infact, they compare themselves to the Oneplus3 in some of the marketing material videos floating around. I hope you're not with Telstra, as Vernee phones don't support 3G MHz, and you won't be able to make or receive calls.

I hope your experience with everbuying is better than mine. My phone was DOA. After 4 days of no response to my emails, I filed a dispute with PayPal. Only specs I'm really bothered about is min 16gb of storage and a reputable site to buy it from.

I have bought 4 phones thru Chinavasion. Check out their website. They are really good to deal with, answer email queries quickly. They use DHL, so receive in Australia within 3 days. Also this phone frequencies Frequency: I'm trying to get my head around the frequencies needed for Optus, I've read the wiki on this site but still not quite sure if this phone will work on 3g and 4g in Adelaide, the frequencies listed on the phone are below.

You can check if the bands are suitable on Will My Phone Work. If you end up buying a phone from chinavasion, be sure to check carefully the freight method as the default is free postage which will take weeks. They might have improved their website now, but in the past there was complaints about the DHL option being hard to find.

Havent kept up with things lately. Thanks for the link, very useful and thanks for the advice regarding shipping, I'll take a good look at the options. I looked at this site due to a recommendation on this forum.

Afaik, all the newer phones discussed here with improved specs processor, ram, battery life have non removable batteries. I actually purchased one a week or two ago from chinavasion and it was a complete POS. Poor touch recognition and you could separate the screen from the phone just by applying the smallest amount of pressure.

Mine could have been a return unit but I honestly would look elsewhere nick. The 4 phones that I have bought have been THL. Never had any issues. In the past there has been a thl thread that has positive feedback on these phones.

Bought two VK World 6" phones Flagships several months ago, and they are the worst phones we have ever owned. I even sent an e-mail to the company in China telling them this, and said I would be ashamed to put my name to such rubbish.

Never did get a reply. Bought two BluBoo X-touch phones and they are two of the best phones we have ever had. Never missed a beat. With the VK Worlds the problems are too numerous to mention. Sorry, just saw Davo's thread.

The THL phones I could also swear by, never had a problem with any of them. Did you do that before I wrote about the Vernee Thor issues? Whilst I love my Thor, you would have read from my posts that Vernee had been deliberately deceitful in YouTube videos about the indestructibility of their phones, — that they didn't have the Gorilla Glass 3 they stated, and probably don't have the titanium alloy inner frame either.

No Vernee phone has Gorilla glass. Mine only occasionally works, though my grandson's does still continue to operate. But in all other aspects, everything works just fine. So, when you get your Apollo, make sure you don't drop it, even from pocket height onto a carpeted floor.

But, i think that can be said about most Chinese phones. Been looking at this phone, only thing im worried about is a mAh Battery, but i figure if i had a power bank on me most of the time like a keychain mAh wouldnt be a big deal then?

Uhans S1 Certainly cheap. Intersting article here on the upcoming miPay app, which will be using NFC. Hopefully that means Xiaomi at least will be adding NFC to all their phones. For a similar price, the Infocus M may be a better purchase — you'll find positive feedback about it in this thread, e.

Archive View Return to standard view. A second wireless, system update was sent to F5 owners today, Saturday 30th January It is good to see a Chinese phone company continuing to improve their products after release.

Just get an iPod touch then? Although not conclusive, there are other sites that list Band Sounds great Anyone taking the plunge on this one? Anyone taking the plunge on this one? Actually the Redmi 3 does not have mHz Her are some comparisons http: As you said the need for an owner to state what is available is what is needed.

It seemed odd that Xiaomi would suddenly drop U As I said earlier ther never seemed to be a consistancy of which bands were installed on new models. Hey again guys, I tracked this down on the Xiaomi's official chinese website: B8 and U are one in the same, right?

Okay I found it wouldn't open in translated page so played a bit more in Chinese. That's a big ass phone! Looks fine for Optus. That's one massive battery though. Hi guys, What would you recommend for me; 5. LTE 28 I know this one is tough It's not a tough one — it's impossible.

What would you recommend for me; 5. But p is fine min 3gb ram LTE 28 I know this one is tough There are actually a few phones that meet those requirements, off the top of my head there's huawei p8 make sure you get the L09 version and oppo r7 , specs.

How about the InFocus M? Huawei and Oppo are good, but come with a premium price tag. Just looking into it now, ACT has some weird frequencies available! Optus is going to be your only option with the Cubot X No Mhz 4G in Canberra by the looks of it?

Cool thanks, I'm already with Optus so all good. Cool thanks, I'm already with Optus so all good I updated my post since you copied it. Optus still good but so is Voda. That F7 is a serious bit of kit for the price, damn.

Sorry guys I meant the Doogee F5. F7 isn't available yet and is a bit more expensive than the X Windproof Outdoor Military Jacket. Original Magic Toy Truck — Outdoor Thermal Electric Heating Jacket. Tronxy X3S Fast Installation.

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