Does zte axon 7 work on verizon

Oct 18,  · Editors' Note: When we first published this review on July 25, , the ZTE Axon 7 worked on all four major US carriers. Due to a software update, the. ZTE Axon 7 is less expensive than the best flagship smartphones, yet it looks and performs like a top-tier Android Nougat handset, with front-facing speakers, 64GB of. ZTE Axon 7 mini 4G LTE with 32GB Memory Cell Phone (Unlocked): Qualcomm Snapdragon GHz octa-core processor; Android .

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Stay tuned for more details to come in the near axon. Hopefully this is something ZTE can address in an update. Does that to the people that bought an LG G4 without warranty me. I have this verizon and it is awesome! Is it a band 12 zte, perhaps? This is why I always buy flagships devices. This work right here is more powerful, durable, Finger print with dual camera.
Oct 18,  · Editors' Note: When we first published this review on July 25, , the ZTE Axon 7 worked on all four major US carriers. Due to a software update, the. ZTE Axon 7 is less expensive than the best flagship smartphones, yet it looks and performs like a top-tier Android Nougat handset, with front-facing speakers, 64GB of. ZTE Axon 7 mini 4G LTE with 32GB Memory Cell Phone (Unlocked): Qualcomm Snapdragon GHz octa-core processor; Android . ZTE Blade Z Max user opinions and reviews.

The ZTE Axon 7 is the best ‘flagship killers’ on the market. We review the $ phone to see how powerful it is in comparison with the competition.

One of the first devices we heard would support T-Mobile’s band 12 LTE last year was the ZTE ZMAX. During testing, it was referred to as the “Olympia” or.

ZTE Axon 7 is less expensive than the best flagship smartphones, yet it looks and performs like a top-tier Android Nougat handset, with front-facing speakers, 64GB of.

ZTE Axon 7 mini 4G LTE with 32GB Memory Cell Phone (Unlocked): Qualcomm Snapdragon GHz octa-core processor; Android .

After releasing the ZTE ZMAX Pro on MetroPCS last year, ZTE has now revealed its latest phablet for prepaid. The ZTE Blade Z Max will launch on MetroPCS on August.

ZTE Axon 7 mini 4G LTE with 32GB Memory Cell Phone (Unlocked): Qualcomm Snapdragon GHz octa-core processor; Android .

ZTE has long been known as a purveyor of inexpensive devices—you might even call them cheap. Many phones manufactured by ZTE in past years didn't eve by Ryan.

Work verizon on zte 7 does axon slate-colored back panel

Overall, though, I will have to give my vote to the ZTE Axon 7, as it does have more of that sturdy, premium, metal feel. Although the updated design is less likely to raise eyebrows, it certainly has character. The similarity is hard not to notice" NFC, I could careless about though. Mine got warm but only once thus far. I will stay with this phone and consider myself one of the lucky ones for getting it before they took it off the shelves.

The overall experience is remarkably smooth. The ludicrous , score in Antutu is undoubtedly incredible as it reflects actual performance quite well. Last year, we were slightly disappointed that the Axon was only available with 32 GB of non-expandable storage.

Regardless, this is an invaluable inclusion for those needing lots of space, and may just give the Axon 7 a slight edge over much of the competition. For informal recordings, ZTE states that the dual noise cancelling internal microphones are able to clearly capture voices up to eight meters away from the phone, which is quite impressive.

Unlike its predecessor, the ZTE Axon 7 features dual-front facing stereo speakers with Dolby Atmos surround sound technology. The listening experience with the Axon 7 is extraordinary; the sound is impressively clear, loud, and full.

The fingerprint reader on the back of the Axon 7 is both fast and accurate, easily beating out comparable devices like the Huawei Nexus 6P. Battery life with the Axon 7 is excellent; I was consistently able to achieve upwards of five hours of screen on time with a full day of heavy use.

With moderate usage, six hours of screen on time was achievable. I was consistently able to achieve upwards of five hours of screen on time with a full day of heavy use. In good lighting conditions, the camera does quite well.

Images come out sharp and detailed with good contrast and accurate color reproduction. Otherwise, the camera is a great performer in good lighting. The 8 MP front-facing camera also performed very well.

ZTE Axon 7 camera samples: Unfortunately, this is simply not the case; images taken in darker conditions were soft with muted colors. This seems to be more of a software issue as there is an excessive amount of noise reduction taking place in most images.

The camera performance is where the Axon 7 feels most compromised. The automatic mode will automatically turn on HDR and night mode for you and the manual mode is very comprehensive. This still considered a phablet.

More like a plus, due to the way its built. NFC, I could careless about though. So where do you get it has bigger storage,and bigger screen? The 6 inch was me referring to the bigger screen. Bigger storage compacity up to for external use and This phone here is more advanced verses the previous zte zmax pro phone has.

This phone comes with 7. Not sure about that,the reviews I have read about about midlevels phones with 1 to 2 gigs of ram,some work great others so-so,so not sure if it the make or model,or some people just get bad one,but some people get the same model for replacement they still have the same problem.

Too much trolling on here. You are right about the ram— 2 is not enough anymore. And even the chintzy storage space is not enough. Not today— especially with heavy use and lots of apps.

That is not always true. This phone is still considered a flagship. You should be lucky that this has more compacity than most other low end phones or some midranged phones. You probably are needing a phone that is a Note or something.

Most midlevel phones come with 32 gigs now 2 gigs of ram,look at Revvl,the Stylo 3 plus. None of these phone are flagship phones. ZTE flagships phones you have buy them unlock either by Amazon,or Bestbuys etc.

It is still considered a flagship. All of those other phones there are also considered Flagship. No they are not,Lg doesnot market Stylo phones as flagship. Revvel someone said it is made by Coolpad,maybe it is Coolpad flagship phone, no one who read tech blogs,would think Coolpad up there with Samsung,HTC,Nokia etc.

ZTE Axon 7 was their last flagship phone. Yes they are considered Flagships. They are more powerful than most previous Midranged to Low Eng phones that had less capabilities. They may not claim it as a Flagship, but it is still considered a Flagshipped phone, due to the way the phones are built.

I can take photography grade pics with this amazing phone. I am very please with it. Wondering if you put a 32 Gig. Can it be used as an internal card and can you transfer apps on the memory card. It says quick charge 2.

Christopher lee, 28 Sep i bought the new ZTE Blade Max on metro pcs less than 7 days ago , i very surprise of so fast Yes it has fast charging.

Beta axon verizon work zte 7 does on Reply June 27

With the Axon 7, ZTE raises the bar substantially for premium, affordable flagships by delivering an excellent smartphone with very few compromises, even next to the very best. On the surface, the succeeding Axon 7 appears to be a major step forward once again, considering the many improvements ZTE has made.

Although the updated design is less likely to raise eyebrows, it certainly has character. Unlike many metal smartphones, the Axon 7 does not incorporate plastic caps in its design and instead embraces an aluminum unibody free of any edges.

The curved back, although similarly done before , is elegant and feels excellent in the hand. The power and volume buttons, which are now both on the right side of the device, as well as the recessed fingerprint reader are very ergonomic.

The latter may seem senseless, but it is actually very nice when trying to differentiate it from the camera module. The chamfer found where the aluminum meets with the front of the device is also quite nice and feels natural, next to the very slightly curved display.

The three non-illuminated capacitive keys on the U. Axon 7 do the job, but could be spaced out a bit more. I am nearly sure that the current implementation was designed to cater to aesthetics, but it can be difficult, especially at first or in a dark environment, to locate the side keys, as they are curiously closer to the center than to the edges of the display.

The indeterminate iconography may be a bit jarring for first-time users, but oftentimes becomes irrelevant after a day or so of use. Whereas many similarly priced options compromise on either resolution or panel quality, the Axon 7 offers one of the very best displays I have seen on a smartphone.

Sunlight readability is also good, and the display also seems to get dim enough in darker environments. The larger screen size is great for any type of content, without being too big to hold comfortably in many cases. The Corning Gorilla Glass 4 protection is also great to see, so users should not have to worry about scratching the display.

The edges of the display glass taper down to meet with the chamfered aluminum, which gives the Axon 7 a consistent premium feel when swiping near the edges. Under the hood, the Axon 7 is powered by a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon , with two of the cores running at 2.

The Snapdragon has been used in every major flagship smartphone this year, and for good reason, as it is an absolute beast of a processor, offering up some of the best performance to date. The overall experience is remarkably smooth.

What we end up with is an Android Nougat smartphone with a polished metal design, rich-looking Quad HD display, booming front-facing speakers, and a load of software customizations of the kind often found in a more expensive handset.

You have to buy this phone unlocked on Amazon or another retailer and pay full price. Verizon and Sprint compatibility is possible with some limitations and workarounds, which may not be for everyone. The good news here is that if it works with your carrier, the ZTE Axon 7 is available at an attractive price.

It looks and feels ready to compete with Samsung, LG and Apple. You can hold it in one hand, but with palm-stretching dimensions of The clear case makes the phone grippable without seriously detracting from the stylish metal design or matte gold color.

What ZTE has done nicely on the front of the Axon 7 is maximize the real estate for its 5. This move does not surprise me. T-Mobile has become very wary of their business motives and anything that loses money will eventually be pulled and sent back to the manufacturer for a return percentage on unsold devices.

Better to do that than have a device failing to deliver expectant results. I own 2 Zte Zmax and they run fast and snappy the battery life is better than any flagship on the market with always 7 or 8 screen on time.

Is a shame they taking it out the market. No, there phones are cheap and they lie about there coverage. We have the only crowd sourced, real time coverage map. Stop into a store and check it out, T-Mobile has too many options for you as a business customer to overlook us.

I hope you reconsider, and give T-Mobile an opportunity. We sold a handful of them when it first came out, but the vast majority of them were returned because they all had problems. Customers who buy them online still regularly come in complaining about it.

Our store was constantly selling through our inventory of the device. A few had issues, but not too many. My previous phone was a Nexus 5 which malfunction on me with constant reboot loop. There are some other famous China phone.

I wonder if Tmo will pick those up and try? I work at T-Mobile and I am shocked. That phone was a top seller for customers that wanted a huge phone without paying that huge phone price! ZTE in my opinion has been a great brand lately.

I believe they are pulling it because of supply and demand. Customers are demanding them and we just cannot get them. Now why we have to pull them from our shelves tells me that something major happened to one or more units out there.

We will soon learn why. I have this device and it is awesome! I believe you comment is accurate, will this device receive lollipop. Or does this move on removing the ZMax eliminate T-Mobile to push this update out?

Apple sold like what 10 million iPhones in the first weekend? Maybe lower end customers got it but most people would prefer a higher end smartphone. I have had this phone for a couple of months and it just below in specs to the Samsung Note 4, I am pleased with the speed, with battery bigger then the note 4, mah running 4.

This is the case for the 3 brands I mentioned. I have 2 Zmax and love them. The camera is not all that great but other than that they are quick, large, and affordable. I recommended one for my mom due to the price and it works great for her.

She also was able to get it from Walmart for half what T-Mobile was selling it for. With the Z3 accessories and such are still up, as well as the demo until we sell off inventory. The Zmax being pulled from everything is a sign not of slow sales, but of something else.

My mom owns it and loves it. Mine got warm but only once thus far. I honestly am not surprised. While we did sell a ton of those phones, a lot come back with issues. Its an ok phone for the pricepoint, but there is also the Samsung Galaxy Avant….

Its been one of our biggest selling handsets.. Cant keep it in stock… So i doubt it was due to lack sales. They have sold a million of them in seven months. It has the highest customer ratings of any phone in its price range on the T-Mobile website.

Metropcs stores would sell out each shipment in five or six hours ZTE is unable to build them fast enough nor supply replacements for defective units. The Vringo lawsuit is the best explanation anyone has offered.

T-Mobile may not want to be involved in the dispute. My Vringo lawsuit theory is wrong. The PC Magazine website is reporting that it is a safety issue caused by owners trying to pry out the non-removable battery to do a hard reset.

I think we have an answer.. As many of these phones they sold it could have been way more if they provided an unlocked bootloader. Owners have been trying to pry out the NON removable battery to do a hard reset which will damage the phone, and maybe the owner.

I bought it in November, and have been pleased, actually. What up ever one, I got the last one two hours before they store stop it but one thing can some one let me know about the case how to get the 3 in 1hard case in Florida south side.

I own this device and this article was just sent my way from a colleague. My only complaint about this phone is that no one has been able to acheive a permanent root solution or even unlock the Bootloader… yet.

Some forums are indicating that we are very close. I will stay with this phone and consider myself one of the lucky ones for getting it before they took it off the shelves. I am a sales rep at T-Mo and i disagree with your assumption of it not selling, the ZMAX is one of the most sold phones in the store, when customers come in and cant afford the note 3 or 4 or the iphone 6 we always turn them to the zmax, the specs sheet on that phone vs the price is unreal, i suspect alcatel has something to do with this.

Consumers want a removable battery. The question is whether ZTE will listen, and give the people what they want — a removable battery. Does the Zmax give the impression that it has a removable battery or are people just that stupid.

I had one and it was good and priced wright I sold it only because it was on t mobile service stinks in my area. I arrived before UPS did when they got their shipment and they sold out of the Zmax within an hour. Makes a world of difference.

TBF, I thought it could hurt the sales of pricier flagship models. I bought the Zte Zamx when it first came out. So far this is the best bang for buck phone I ever used. I was told when I bought it that the battery was non removable , the only reason I ever removed the battery on any of my previous phones was when they froze up.

I have never had that problem with my zmax. Mine is up to 4. Is the there a build update? Right now at this very moment my phone is continuously vibrating for no apparent reason it. Just hold the power button until it restarts same has pulling the battery u might want to factory reset it also.

I had same issue. Well so sorry in hearing the bad news of having this ZTE Max phone discontinued. I personally owned two of them and have not had any issues with these phones. The phone has everything that I can ask for to serve my purpose and more.

I love the 5. Yes it may not have the specs of a higher name brand but this phone can take a punch and keep going. I gather that the lack of sales is do to various scenarios. I absolutely love it!! I could see paying well over for this kind of quality… and oh so durable.

I love my Zmax!

I crossed paths with him a while back. He abused me for no reason so I abused him back, but gave him 10x the shit in return. He ran crying to the moderators like a little girl and got me banned hahah. And now he refuses to speak to me.

What a complete pussy! Ahh well, hopefully he will sort out his mental problems and start piecing his life back together slowly. Also, now that SafetyNet can be used by third parties too, expect more stuff to break on unofficial firmwares.

So yes, while you could fix some of the issues, it would still be an incomplete package. The OP may be an exception. I am only going to use Android Pay myself when it works from Android Wear, i. There are several non-Nexus devices with stable ROMs.

Then there are other devices such as Sony where custom ROMs run well. It is also a possibility to make debloated and modified stock ROMs. Not even a Nexus cut it in such a state. The fact remains, though: A developer friendly device can be brought a long way so it is perfectly fine to point out that it runs well with a custom ROM.

If there is a defect from the manufacturing process, there is a legal coverage statutory warranty as opposed to voluntary warranty in several markets. Unlocking your device and installing your own software might cause the device to stop working, disable important features and functionality, and even make the device unsafe to the point of causing you harm.

Neither Motorola, nor your wireless carrier or retailer from whom you purchased the device, will be responsible for such damage, so please do not unlock or load any software unless you know what you are doing.

It might just be the ROM developers making it unstable because there are stable ones for manufacturers who distribute the blobs. If you read the post again, I said that OP may be the exception. They buy a phone first, and then complain in forums that "4G does not work", or "has low speed".

You want LTE band 7 and 17? You want cat9 vs cat6? Just admit it, you did this review just to negatively criticize the Axon 7. You are a Oneplus fanboy, regardless of the tremendously bad decisions from Oneplus.

A company that has only been in business since December , with no history of making phones at all. Which makes OnePlus look bad imho, as it turns out to be not the innovative developer-friendly startup, like OP wants to be perceived by the world, but rather a sub-brand of OPPO, trying to diversify its sales.

Actually, I think OP is their designated "experiment with the US market" brand but yeah, they did market themselves as a scrappy little business unit. Of course I know that, you assume wrong as usual.

He seems to have some mental issues. Youll get used to him being an asshole. Saying Oneplus is shit, and being a ZTE fanboy yourself yet criticising people who like Oneplus for being fanboys? This review was just done to criticize ZTE?

Anybody that does is either stupid, or being paid to say bad things about your beloved ZTE, according to you. Your brain must be the size of a pea you silly little troll. Truth be told when I read the review I kinda saw the same thing.

This review does stand out like he does have a vendetta against the A7 as opposed to the OP3, which by a few measures is an inferior phone. The kernel source has already been released. We are discussing the pros and cons of the ZTE Axon 7.

Why would you reply two months later to a comment with a statement that is totally incorrect? It can be unlocked on the Google store versions but not the Verzion version at least not without a hack but it does void the warranty in both cases.

Was all set to buy the pixel until I learned of 11 month device support and massive price increases. Now you are saying the bootloader can be unlocked? As for the new Pixel splinter of Android, we have no idea what the future holds.

Further Android feature development such as assistant were discontinued on the 6P after only 11 months and it is now receiving essentially just security updates and bug fixes. It carried the same 2 year promise as the pixel. As long as one is able flash their Nexus phone back to stock and lock the bootloader one can get warranty service which has been case as far as I can remember.

Nothing has changed with the Pixel phones unless you can provide a source. The Google assistant has never been a feature of the 6P??? The Nexus 6P will be getting two years of software updates just like the Pixel phones. Yes, no one can predict the future but you are just making stuff up.

I can do that to Google is probably going to discontinue the Pixel next month and announce they will use Windows Mobile on the Pixel 2 in a partnership with Microsoft. ZTE going out of business has abetter chance of happening than what you are saying.

Modding your phone has always voided the warranty. If you can return it all to stock and relock it, sure, but the problem is obviously not too bad. Assistant, Pixel launcher and other software features are exclusive to the Pixel.

Pixel is not Nexus, it is a first generation phone. Nexus was supposed to be the best of Android, but Pixel branches off and creates new features which are not given to the 11 month old Nexus 6P. The conversation was about the fact that you can unlock the bootloader on the Axon 7 but it voids the warranty.

The exact same is true on the Pixel. YOU said that you can unlock Google phones without voiding the warranty, which is not true. I clarified my point in a later post. You have trolled me before YOU start a conversation by saying something that is totally wrong and was NOT about warranties and you know it which causes me to reply and than you go all over place making irrelevant points.

Sure, any thing could happen in the future but Google has a past record that is really good. Are you even familiar with ZTE past support record on their phones at all? Now you are talking about resale value?

No one knows the resale value of ANY phone. Ask a Note 7 owner It sounds like ZTE are listening very closely to the community, I figure most of the complaints, especially the lock screen, will be fixed in a software patch sooner than later.

I was hopeful that something would change but after all these years the fact still remains that OEMs are a stubborn bunch and they care less about the usability of the products than promoting useless "features" to stand out and sell more, so dubious decisions will always be made.

I can almost guarantee the notification bell will be optional in the next patch. LG V10 is a solid phone. I would get the OnePlus 3 if it had micro-sd support. But it appears Axon 7 sucks in its own ways to.

Nexus 6P is in those with bad hardware. Display and camera are disappointment compared to other flagships. I always thought that display on the Nexus 6P was pretty good once you enabled sRGB mode, except for of course, brightness which comes in at nits.

For the price the camera and the screen is good. Or for those who want to use it outside of the United States. Sorry, but their hardware is not great since they limited the LTE bands. You would have thought after the last release and the complaints that followed they would have put in more bands Interesting that the official AndroidPolice review says the display on the Axon 7 is brighter than the OP3 when other sites have found the opposite to be true.

What were you using to measure brightness? Furthermore, other sites using standardized benchmarks found the OP3 to last slightly longer than the ZTE Axon 7 despite the slightly larger battery and dimmer display on the Axon 7.

TomsGuide is the only reviewer i read about the Axon 7 saying it was dimmer than the OP3. My bet is they got a "bad" screen out of the lot This review certainly reads like it was written by someone who has a bias towards the OP3.

Most of the apps on the phone are stock Android apps. There are only a handful maybe 4 that are aftermarket apps that ZTE put in. Big f cking deal. Reviewer made it sound like it had Samsung levels of bloatware. This review was overwhelmingly bad, where just about every other review had very positive thoughts on the phone.

He is exceptionally bias and if he had his way all manufactures devices would not exist except for nexuses because google is God and every google implementation and decision is perfect and how dare manufacturers or you question google!

Are we reading the same review? For the 1st paragraph. Agreed, but that is not what this review is. See above reply to Ryan if interested. For 2nd paragraph, probably a misconstruation of the following paragraph from the article: At the same time, features that I do want like lock screen notifications and Do Not Disturb mode are made less accessible.

Yeah, that, and just the seemingly unwarranted incessant bitching about how bloated the phone is with apps went hand in hand. Do you think that just maybe, that could be it? If I were an international traveler Spoiler: More LTE in more bars in more places.

You lead out with "looks good on paper" which immediately show prejudice against the Axon 7. No one that actually used the Axon 7 would pick the OP3 over it. You use silly nit-picking claims about "bloatware", knowing they can be uninstalled or disabled.

Oxygen OS has so many frickin problems right at release, they are weekly trying to fix it, but fail. This is the very worst biased review of the Axon 7 yet. It immediately shows prejudice because it exists.

Because he used the phone extensively and found it lacking. Trying to call out negative language at the beginning of a negative review is absolutely bonkers stupid. He never gave it a chance, automatically hated it.

His last sentence says that. You do know what maroon means, right? Maybe focus your righteous anger on something actually deserving? What kind of English is that you dumb fuck, Chuck? Spend some time learning to speak English properly instead of having sex with your Axon 7 you stupid cunt.

You obviously have no clue at all about smartphones then do you, you stupid twat? Anybody that has any knowledge of smartphones knows that even if a device has decent specs looks good on paper , the reality can be quite different.

The build quality could be crap, the software could be crap etc. Saying a phone looks good on paper means exactly that - the specs look good. It is only part of the story when it comes to finding whether a phone is good or not.

By the same token, why would you automatically expect him to LIKE a phone, just because of the specs it has and fuck everything else? This is supposed to be a device review, not a device comparison article. In the OP3 review, you did the same literally 15 times by my count but using the OP2 as a comparison.

That makes sense, the damn phones are related to each other; one is even meant to be the successor of the other. This one, you just brought up the OP3 any time you could just because you admittedly like the OP3 better and, seemingly, were trying to justify that opinion.

I understand some things are going to be entirely based on opinion vs fact ex: It really is that simple. This is the kind of nonsense I expect at Android Central. This is the kind of nonsense that made me stop visiting Android Central in favor of Android Police.

N6 will likely be my next device if I can get the Google one, not the Verizon-fied version. Give me a break. You are not the authority on how phone reviews are supposed to be written. This phone clearly competes directly with the OP3 -- many people will be choosing between them, thus comparisons are entirely warranted.

I explained this in the review. I totally agree with you OP3 is better phone. Note a curiosity with the network support of the Axon 7. The US version does work on Verizon but is currently cutting out after about an hour.

LTE band 1 , 3 , 5 , 7 , 8 , 20 , 38 , 40 , 41 - Global model. Wow, did you notice the faded check mark under 4G LTE? Or that it came with a sms app or music. He expects everyone to use and love hangouts and google music?

Also, pretty much most manufactures have a stock email client other than gmail because many people need to use email services not supported by the gmail app. No, I complained that it came with a browser, calendar, messenger, and half a dozen other apps, including a shitty Perk promo client.

This review is almost 3, words long. This review is nearly 3, words. In your OPO3 review, you said " Just please be more consistent in your reviews. You are throwing the Axon 7 under the bus while giving a free pass to other phones for I agree, Ryan made too much of the few extra apps that really you can disable or uninstall.

Some of those apps people might like anyways, who is he to discount them? Yeah, right lots of room to find ridiculous points that no one would care, just to make the Axon 7 look bad. This is not a fair review at all.

So in the case of ZTE, they added the perk promo client which lowers their costs for the Axon 7? Cranking the volume up to full blast drew the attention of several colleagues, and was easily audible through a good portion of our large test lab.

Wired audio through the 3. While it initially worked on CDMA carriers as well, a recent software update rendered it incompatible with Sprint and Verizon. Call quality is solid. Voices come through the earpiece sounding clean and natural, and volume is loud enough to hear calls in a noisy environment.

On the other end, transmissions are clear and noise cancellation is strong, able to blot out everything short of blaring car horns from nearby traffic. It scored , on the AnTuTu benchmark, which measures overall system performance.

Battery life is also solid. The phone lasted for 6 hours of LTE video streaming at maximum brightness. If you enable Smart Power mode or manage the individual battery policy for apps, you should be able to get even more run time out of it.

The battery itself is sealed in, but it supports Quick Charge 3. The megapixel rear camera takes crisp, clear shots outdoors with lots of detail. Colors are accurate, though Auto HDR mode which is on by default tends to oversaturate things a bit.

There are also manual controls that let you adjust everything from shutter speed to white balance, and the 8-megapixel front-facing camera is solid. Low-light performance is merely OK. Autofocus becomes sluggish in low light, and images look soft and grainy.

The nice thing about both handsets is that they are a made out of metal, so they share a similar premium finish. Overall, though, I will have to give my vote to the ZTE Axon 7, as it does have more of that sturdy, premium, metal feel.

The difference in build quality could be largely due to the fact that the LG G5 has that modular design. The bottom of the phone can be pulled, along with the battery. Making a smartphone with removable parts usually does tend to make for a more flimsy build quality, and LG have also used a primer in the finish of the G5, which makes it feel less premium than a traditional metal finish.

The ZTE Axon 7 has a slightly larger 5. Both displays are impressive, but the AMOLED display on the Axon 7 delivers those deep, inky blacks and vibrant colours that provide the more immersive experience.

Power users will dislike the fact that the software is a little less versatile than it was with previous iterations. It has some stock-like elements. And the thing that I do prefer about it is that it features a dedicated app drawer, as opposed to apps just being littered throughout the whole home screen.

You will get work done easily, just as with the LG G5. It is no shocker that both of these handsets are powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon

Work verizon on axon 7 zte does open Canadian residents

I was considering one as a backup. Iv had mine under a year. No Im not at all. Introduction, design and display. Then I found, very easily, two more articles focused negatively on the company and their OP2 phone:.

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